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July 02, 2009


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Really good video. Relationships are and will always be important!

Mark Clowes

Ha! That's terrific and timely. The penalty for lack of marketing/advertising used to be that you were just unknown -- today the penalty for inaction is a net negative since others control the conversation. More important than ever to be assertive.

Jonathan Kranz

Funny, I saw the same video this morning and had the same impression: it is today as it always has been -- building the relationship comes BEFORE you can build the sale.

Daniel Kuperman

Cool video. And interesting message too. It is and it has always been about building trust. People buy from people they trust. That means trusting the company, the product, the sales person... the whole organization behind whatever you are trying to buy/sell.

What is marketing's role in building trust? Is figuring out how to do it with the tools available today (be it print ads or a facebook page). The tools change but the rules of the game continue the same. Thanks for the refreshing post!

SEO Consultant

Nice work dude... It is helpful for me as well as others..


Great discussion! More so in the Asean culture where relationships and building trust is critical in growing a business. No doubt the kind of media and tools have all changed..but essentially, its still essential relationship building to foster trust be it in a brand or working with people.

Phoenix Ad Agency

This is such a good post and a good message. Relationships with customers should be every business's number 1 focus.

Chris Plamann

Certainly agree with the message here.

But what I find interesting is the community's willingness to believe that as technology changes, so will the underlying system. Or in this case, as David refers to it, the fundamentals of b2b marketing.

It happens time and time again. With technology and new tools for doing business, there is an assumption that what has worked in the past is now outdated or ineffective. The same can be said about the alleged new economies of the tech boom and the housing bubble. How many predicted the end of economic cyclicality during both of those periods? But the core of the economic system did not really change in either case.

I think it is important to realize that the pillars of effective business-to-business marketing really haven't changed. The methods by which those pillars have been built have simply developed through the use of new media tools and techniques.


"If it ain't broke, don't fix it." -- This little tid bit of knowledge is true for B2B as well. Although some aspects of everyday life become more fancy and high tech, don't force it upon certain facets that will result in a negative outcome...Common sense prevails, as do tried and true fundamentals!


Nice video. Trust is what human relationships are all about, so why wouldn't it be similar for businesses that work well together? And this is also true for getting customers. Customers want to trust you, and to do that, we need videos like this directed toward customers and placed on popular sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and AdWido.


Love that video, David. It is elegant in it's utter simplicity. Stark, shocking and compelling.

Today, businesses need a great online presence and a google search should lead them to that great online presence.

Thanks for sharing.

Jeff Ogden, the Fearless Competitor
Find New Customers

Dean Graziosis Scam review

I liked the video and this is true that Relationships with customers should be every business's number one focus. Now a day, businesses need a great online presence and a Google search should lead them to that great online presence.

B2B Marketing Functions

I agree with you...Nowadays the customers are fast and fully aware about their needs and requirements...we have to satisfy them...keep sharing.

Ruby Clifton

In my opinion the basic fundamental of B to B Marketing is Trust. It is the trust that nourishes long term relationships.

Quotes About Change

"Fundamentals don't change." I love this, and I need to relearn this principle...because with each new trend, I seem to forget this axiom.

mein tenu samjhawan ki

it helped me a lot man :-)

Pay Per Sale John Watkins

It’s definitely a great message, and technology does change but the same principles apply in many ways, especially building good relations with one’s customers.

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