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June 11, 2009


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Stuart Foster

Very interesting. I'm looking at speaking at a variety of venues over the next year due to the success of my blog and the fact that I think I could have a lot of fun doing it. Would you recommend that I sign up with one of these bureaus?

Brandon Moyles

David, thanks a lot! I really enjoyed this post and found that it was definitely applicable to B2B sites in general. Thanks again!

David Meerman Scott

@Brandon - thanks, glad it was helpful.

@Stuart - paid speaking through bureaus is highly competitive. Generally you need to have a "name" from something like a bestselling book, a TV show, an olympic gold medal, or something similar. You can approach organizers yourself and you should do as many free gigs as you can, build your skills and reputation as a speaker, maybe write a book, and then reach out to the agencies. Hope I'm not harsh - it is reality.

Martin Perelmuter

Thanks for doing this! I learned a lot from all of the insights and suggestions, and will definitely take you up on your offer to discuss our site in more detail!

David Meerman Scott

@Martin -- I was wondering which bureaus would notice this blog post (indicating that they monitor Google for when the name of their firm is used). And I wondered which would comment on the post.

Congratulations. Your comment here is yet another example of why Speakers Spotlight is at the top of my list for the best speaker bureaus at online marketing among the bureaus I looked at.

Yes, let's chat.

Pr Jobs

Nice article.
John Assam


Wow, what a great detailed list. We have been looking for a speaker for our company and we have found one after reading this!


I found this article to be spot on and helpful, though I don't necessarily agree that there is a benefit to being on Twitter - a flash in the pan technology that by this time next year will be as forgotten as Friendster.

Robert Swanwick

Great post David. There is an application called Speaker Buzz that many of the bureaus would do well to get from Speaker Interactive (http://SpeakerInteractive.com It aggregates internet postings about a particular speaker into a widget on the page.

Look forward to more insights about how speakers can be better served.


Very brilliant article.

I got a lot from your post. Thanks very much for you sharing

Account Deleted

It would be highly appreciable, if we could know some sort of ranking of the speaker, so that we're not stuck up with a wrong choice.

Afterall its the Motivational Speaker, who motivates us towards our desired goal.

Sylvester Jones

Excellent speakers bureau resource. Thank you for compiling and sharing this information. Very helpful.


Interesting post. Luckily, not all speakers are bad. We just had some safety speakers come talk to my work, it was really good.

Speaking Agent

Appreciate the analysis. The similarities between all the bureau sites is what drove me to simply start blogging about the speaking industry and speakers I meet along the way.

David Meerman Scott

Good for you Speaking Agent. That's a great way to differentiate and also to generate search engine listings.

John Smith

Thanks for sharing this information about speakers . It was really good.

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