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June 01, 2009


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Mike Lefebvre, The Uncommon Agent

An inspirational post for a real estate agent who recently left a large national behemoth to affiliate with a Sotheby's International Real Estate office...

And less than one year into it, is seeing first hand the power of positioning for the high-end!

Rachel Bryant

What a great story of innovation and positioning. But the key - Cohen LOVES what he does and his passion translates to his audience.

John Sherry

It's all about niche. Magic isn't a mainstream everyday service and he's successfully made a niche even of that. By specialising he's been viewed as of higher value. The real magic is how this has spread and worked. Bravo!!

Tony Faustino

Mr. Cohen’s successful niche positioning is a classic success story demonstrating the power of The Long Tail (or in this case, The Luxury Long Tail as evidenced by Mr. Cohen’s clientele and fees).

The New York Times recently ran an article declaring that The Long Tail of Marketing is Dead: http://bit.ly/S1S6Q. Quite frankly, I couldn’t disagree more with the author of that NYT article. This profile on Mr. Cohen and a recent Forbes Magazine Special Report on successful high-end, niche, positioning (http://bit.ly/3m2ah) clearly illustrate that sound execution of a targeted niche or “long tail” strategy can still yield winning results in a recessionary economy.

Congratulations to Mr. Cohen and Long Live The Long Tail!

Engago team

Madoff was exclusive too. It was hard to become a customer/investor with Madoff.

The Marketing Intern

It amazes me how often we can gather inspiration from the leaders of industries we never even knew existed. Someone once said that about 80% of posturing is getting the right people to "buy it." The other 20% is convincing everyone else. If you had told me yesterday that even a lowly parlor magician can attract celebrity millionaire clientele, I wouldn't have bought it. Today? Well, I'm convinced.

The only problem here is boiling the story down to a maxim. One can't very well say, "If a magician can do it, so can I," can one?

David Meerman Scott

@Marketing Intern -- That's the point. YES. All the stories I write about in my books and this blog are to show my readers that they can do it too.

And I am proof too: Ten years ago I was a working stiff at a big company. I told my wife I wanted to become an author and get paid to speak for a living. I'm living my dream.

So can you...

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