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June 06, 2009


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Benjamin Spall

Awesome example of a world wide rave as always David. It's so great to see people having these supposedly far-fetched and (to many old-rules mind-sets) crazy ideas - then following through with them with huge success.

I'm sure they'll sell soon, best of luck to them.

Paul Peixoto

Of course it's a gimmick (a trick or device intended to attract attention). The whole point is to sell the house and you can't do that until someone looks at it. It was smart and creative. Well done!

Jake LaCaze

Is something a gimmick if it's effective? Interesting story

Benjamin Spall

@Jake (and David, I didn't see this point originally)

I'd say the word 'gimmick' doesn't do the creators justice. A gimmick suggests a cheap, tacky tactic, whereas this was anything but.

This idea could have easily fallen flat - I'd be inclined to say that gimmicks rarely carry that level of risk and vision to be achieved.

Engago team

Barnun was good at getting attention too.

Tina Haisman

David -- Just another quick thank you! I am so excited that this campaign is going so well! It's crazy! In addition to spreading virally around the web, the traditional media is also picking it up! It has aired on television stations in many major cities around the country. The real estate blogs are buzzing about it. Major papers are covering it also! We landed in the LA Times yesterday, my client is doing a live interview on Neal Cavuto's show on FOX News today, and it made a top story on Florida Trend Magazine’s website! This is all because of what I learned reading your book! Wow! You rock! Honestly, I could have only dreamed this campaign would be this successful! I recommended your book to a news reporter in Fort Myers yesterday and will continue to recommend it to everyone I know in PR and Marketing!

David Meerman Scott

@Tina - Good for you. You deserve the attention because this is a very clever way to generate attention. Congrats.

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