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May 26, 2009


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Rick Burnes

That's fantastic news. Just re-posted it over here: http://www.inboundmarketing.com/node/352.

Looking forward to reading both books.

Steve Garfield

I'm excited to be working with you and Wiley on the series!

Just blogged about it:



That's outstanding, David. You are the perfect person to edit these books! Congrats.

Katie Smith

So excited for the new book from the HubSpot guys! Thanks for information. Just preordered it from Amazon!

Ryan Pulkrabek

I'm excited to pick this book up! I am curious, however, as to what the old rules of social media are? Have those been defined? Also, where can one find the pre-releases of the books!? ...Do tell!

Mike Moore

I think you and a few others are leading the way in terms of marketing in this brave new internet powered world. I believe, however, that there is a missing piece that deserves a book. The essence of that missing piece is that your themes must be in-grained into all aspects of any business - operations, finance, customer service, HR, etc. Installing your philosophy in the marketing department without a corresponding philosophical change in other functions creates a fundamental, internal disconnect that will eventually defeat the marketing initiative. In short, new marketing is too big an idea if the marketers are the only ones trying to implement it.

David Meerman Scott

@Mike - Great idea for a book. Many thanks for the idea.

Todd Peterson

How about a book on Social Media Analytics? See if you can get Eric Peterson, creator of Twitalyzer to write it (http://www.twitalyzer.com/twitalyzer/index.asp). And yes, he is my eldest son and author of three books on Web Analytics.

Jeff Hurt

What about a book on "Content Marketing." See lots of talk about it, would like to see it fleshed out more.

Or a book on how social media is shaking up old-school company silo cultures. The use of social media should not rest only with the PR Department or Communications, or Marketing, Or IT, or....name your typical company department. It should be integrated and used by many departments.

John Sherry

The more books on this sphere the merrier! Plenty of angles to cover and I am chomping at the bit to give them a read. Keep it up thank you.

Stacy Lukas

I love the idea, but my concern is that things change so fast I'm wondering how long they'd be relevant. Let's face it -- different services shine in the spotlight and just as quickly fall out of it because either a) something better came along or b) financial trouble, or c) insert your reason here . . . yes, some things have more "staying power" than others, but I'd hate to see a book become outdated just as soon as it's published.

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