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May 01, 2009


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Tim Parker

Very funny. The CEO of a teen fashion chain recently explained to me their strategy of printing their name on the fronts of their shirts; "Most teens want to be rebels, but they also want to belong to the same club as all the other rebels."

Jill Elswick

I love this photo. It's funny how fashion, especially for men, quickly becomes a uniform. Nevertheless, I prefer this "suit" to a traditional one.

Marcus Nelson

Hey Now,

At least I was wearing a pink shirt and a brown jacket. That's got set me apart somehow, right?

LOL - that's for poking fun David, you're right on the money with this, "uniform" post!



I was a jacket away from looking like an important person.


Very helpful information as I was about to go shopping this weekend for my husband and we are attending some VC meetings this coming week.
You never know what information people really need.

Twtr: @marketingvirgo

David B. Thomas

I was wearing the same uniform. At one point I realized I was talking to two other guys and we were dressed identically. We should have gone on a crime spree.

"Suspect was a white male in a black blazer and dark jeans, last seen entering the Marriott."


I love the dress code, the smirk and especially the shoes; but, the sideburns will make it hard for a woman to join this group. An artificial barrier to entry?


David, my colleague Eric Hoffman (@eric_hoffman), social web guru at Park City Mountain Resort kindly reminded me that it was really my in the moment twitter post on the live screen at #IMS09 that originally sparked all the fashion commentary:


I really enjoyed your presentation.

Thomas (@Motorad666)

Kneale Mann

I was disappointed that I couldn't make it to IMS this year but I now know I could have fit right in.

Too funny.

David Meerman Scott

@Motorad666 - We think alike!


I posted this photo with an #IMS09 tag around the time you tweeted. By the time I got everybody's name and affiliation into the description of the photo your tweet beat mine. But I did not see yours and in my mind, my idea was original.

Please be aware that there is no question that had I seen this first from you (rather than noticing it myself) I would have certainly given you credit.

We both saw this independently.

Cheers, David


Very funny. Runner up: Big shiny forehead= 3 out of 4


David, No worries. My comment above was tongue in cheek. Who cares. We were all thinking the same thing. It was a moment. It was fun.

Bob Sheesley

That's LOL funny!


It's like a real life clone tool !


Sad to infer, darkly, from the photo that if I want to discover the "power of my community" I have to look for white guys in their 30s/40s.
Admittedly, eye-candy all of them, but still ...

Chris Plamann

My first VC meeting was done in a blue suit. Now I know why we didn't get funded.

Strangely, makes me feel somewhat better about the business plan.


Reminds me of high school....

atul chatterjee

I would have preferred them to be wearing turtlenecked tops.
The pony tail look is still to catch on. All in all a wonderful post.

Amber Rae Lambke

Haha, I love it! Gotta admit, from a female perspective, it's the perfect go-to guy outfit. Not trying too hard but still professional and stylish. :)


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