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May 05, 2009


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Michael Flint

Yes, Ford was smart to embrace social media and online marketing early on. If they can do it with the Fiesta, then any car company can do it. This is great news, and good momentum for B2B and B2C marketers in large corporations.

Brandon Chesnutt

Great video, David. To see a Fortune 100 company truly embrace social media the way Ford has is unique and refreshing.


Great Job! Like this piece David. Scott is doing an awesome job for Ford!

Doug Menzer


Good stuff David, very interesting.

Chris Plamann

Great piece, David. Always interesting to see the way social media is working its way into the Fortune 100.

Scott had a great post (and video) a couple of weeks ago on a Twitter conversation he and Ford CEO Alan Mulally had with customers. Talk about a great way to get prospective customers invested in the brand!

Definitely worth checking out and a nice add-on to the video here.


Great to see Dave live at the "Glass House" with Scott Monty! There are a couple of reasons why Ford still floats while crosstown rivals have sunk. 1, count the number of Mazda alumni (Ford ISEs) among the corporate officers (Fields, Booth, Parker, Kuzack, Bakaj, Shanks et al). 2, Ford Public Affairs has always been among the smartest corp comms depts anywhere. I would like to hear more about how Scott Monty intends to embed social media in global motor show press briefings. I see getting amateur bloggers involved as one key. The other is a better way to access the reactions from 700 or so global auto journalists attending these events. I'd love to watch the press events live then get a stream of reaction from pros and amateurs alike. I think it would be a huge tragedy if the industry allowed the global show system to die. The Japanese pulled out of NAIAS (Detroit show) and Detroit 3 are pulling out of Tokyo show in retaliation. To me, this amounts to fighting with knives in an inflatable liferaft. Finally, Fiesta and its cousin Mazda2 are two of the best cars on the planet today. Glad to see Ford finally wising up and introducing it in N.A. Mazda is bringing Mazda2 to Canada but not US... maybe because the sun rises latest in Irvine CA.
John R. Harris -- Ford/Mazda fan in Japan.

David Meerman Scott


Great idea to stream the press conferences live and also to highlight the instant reactions. I'm having dinner with Scott tonight and will ask him about that.



be entertained

Kay Plantes

Great interview. I moved to Ann Arbor in 1987 and tried to land a job at Ford. I was told by Ford's chief economist at the time that he was the only outside hire---you needed to start at Ford to have an executive job at Ford. It's great to see the company so open to new marketing methods.

Openness to the outside is one of the reason's Ford is doing so much better than GM and Chrysler and has a stronger, more innovative business model and offering.

David, we met at the CEO Read event in December. It's great to follow your blog.

Kari McLeod

Great Interview!

I was just recently hired in as Belle Tire's "Social Media Coordinator".

As a person who is still in the learning process, it was great to hear from someone successful so close to home.


@John Harris: we're already doing that with auto shows. We continue to invite non-automotive bloggers to the press events, and this year we live-streamed the reveal of the 2010 Taurus, Fiesta and Lincoln MKT. We continue to post updates on http://autoshows.ford.com and supply links through a badge on http://media.ford.com when the shows are in full swing.

Of course, we're always looking for ways to improve and stay ahead of the curve. :-)


Scott: Hadn't seen the autoshows site, which I like. Social inputs are nicely included but I still don't see how you can access pro media reactions to press briefings. It shouldn't be either/or pro and social but more bandwidth for both. I looked at Jan. NAIAS -- shame about the Taurus script someone handed Fields. He did way better launching Mazda6 in 2002. If you want to see some good motor show speeches, look for Carlos Ghosn launching Nissan GT/R Tokyo 2007 or Steve Odell launching 3rd-gen Mazda MX-5 (Miata) at Geneva 04.
John Harris, Onjuku Japan

Stacy Lukas

You were here in Michigan and I had no idea! D'oh! I need to pay more attention!

Angela Connor

David: I've just emailed the link of this interview to the 8 CEO's I'm meeting with next week to discuss social media. I've instructed them to watch it before my presentation. Great interview and resource. It was nice to hear Scott discuss the importance of buy-in from the top and representation at the executive level. Thanks!
Angela Connor | @communitygirl


Senhores ,
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Great Piece, it made for a pleasant read Ford & Social media addressed is interesting.


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And look at it now... Ford is definitely utilising social media

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