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May 04, 2009


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Tim Dempsey

David, As a Boston area resident, it is apocryphal that you would promote a Los Angeles Lakers initiative of ANY KIND before the Celitcs conclude their 18th championship banner campaign.


Jeremy Kossen

I have to say I am also surprised that you'd be promoting a Lakers site during the playoffs. But I do have acknowledge that this is a really great site, and it's good seeing an NBA player create a site that truly engages himself with his fan base.

and he is on Twitter, too!


Sasha is a great example of someone who could greatly benefit from a good fan page. While he's on a great team, he's still looking to break into the starting 5. A strong fan base could help this effort.

Chris Plamann

Agree with the positive comments on the site. Great design and interesting content.

But what the national crowd might have missed is all the ribbing Sasha has taken from his teammates regarding some of the site content. The site included a "What color headband should Sasha wear?" fan poll. Not sure of the results, but I'm willing to lay odds on either purple or gold.

Kobe in particular, who has taken Sasha under his wing as kind of an older brother, has had some funny comments in the local press about the site.


not to sound like a "hater" but I seriously find 90% of what I saw on his website to be rather silly. For example , I could really care less about the little girl naming her dog Sasha or the other fan based " me me me" articles. Much of the content has no actual value. It's all silly randomness..IMO.

David Meerman Scott

Tim and Jeremy,

Yes I live in Boston. But that doesn't mean I can't talk up a player site that I like. I've been sitting on this post for a few months. Thought the playoffs were a good time to send the post.

Thanks, all, for your comments.


Janice O'Brien

Thank you, David, for voicing your thoughts on Sasha's web site even though you live in Boston ~ free speech is an awesome asset that we all have. I enjoy the various articles that are written about Sasha's play after each game, and the articles that describe an analysis of his play. There is a lot more to his site than meets the eye and if a person took time to really check it out, they would find many, many interesting articles written about him and other aspects of his play and life. Thanks for writing a candid commentary that tells the truth. :D

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