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May 11, 2009


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Great example. This is the same message I'm trying to get out to my audience, become a valued resource for your community.

Jessica M

Great post David! Thank you

Amelia Vargo

This is a great example of how useful content is rewarded by not only Google but the general public too.

Jeremy Kossen

Excellent case study David. It's great seeing before and after cases in which sites have achieved success by transforming themselves from company-centric product brochure to customer-centric educational resource.

Establish your site as a destination people want to visit because they can find valuable, relevant information and you will be rewarded with increased SERP visibility, more traffic and more customers.

atul chatterjee

The critical part appears be to to 'give away' information, besides being SEO friendly. This should be a lesson to all of us trying to sell books.
It goes without saying that he must be selling a reasonably good book.

Jason Karpf

I recently posted on my blog: "Information is the one thing you can give out freely without undermining your pricing or cheapening your brand." We're awash with free samples, discount coupons and "Employee Pricing Plus Plus" (goodbye, goodbye, Chrysler). There is only one giveaway that matters--our know-how, generously delivered in a manner that shows we understand the customer's needs and are dedicated to solving them.


Is there anywhere I can get this information in more detail? I've read a lot of information regarding high search rankings when posting video. Im not a guru or anything, but I think it's true. I started posting video to http://www.Adwido.com because they targeted specific keywords for higher search engine rankings. Plus the account was Free and it works.

Mergen, WebGuru Co Ltd

David, thank you for sharing. Please come visit us in Mongolia sometime. Cheers!

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