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May 22, 2009


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Linda VandeVrede

Greenwald's behavior says a lot more about him than it says about Starbucks, so I guess you can say that one's behavior in the virtual world speaks volumes just as it does in the real world. I suppose you could credit him with guerrilla marketing tactics, but personally I'm not a big fan of sabotage approaches.


Powerful article David and for any company getting engaged in social media. It feels like you spin a top and you have no idea where things will go.

I'm sure this will scare some companies but many should see it as a great opportunity to try new things and be creative.

Transparency is becoming more valuable for companies and if you have major skeletons in your closet or someone with a major grudge it could cause some concerns.

Bottom line: even negative publicity is good for business.

Maybe Starbucks should have not stopped the campaign but instead develop a counter message... to get supporters.


Stuart Foster

I think you have to have a sense of humor about these types of developments. You have Madison Avenue money? Why not respond in Madison Avenue style...just own the people who are bashing you.

People would eat it up.


Interesting. Don't suppose anyone has a handy link as to what Starbucks intended and what the hijackers posted?

kay plantes

Just goes to show you that in this day of social marketing, Madison Avenue clout is easily defeated. If Starbucks is smart, they'll use this experience to initiate a 2-way conversation with consumers about employment policies/practices.

Chris Plamann

Totally agree with Kay on Starbucks initiating a conversation with consumers. This is a perfect opportunity for Starbucks to address the issue, but would say they should do so without speaking directly to Greenwald and his supporters.

Also like Linda's take above. Sabotage may be a part of guerrilla warfare, but has little place in guerrilla marketing.

Would also ask Mr Greenwald how he believes the multi-million dollar investment in the canceled ad campaign is going to find its way back to Starbucks employees. Has he really benefited the intended group?

Nick Jag

Very interesting, I'm surprised with such a large campaign budget, they didn't just pay Twitter to ensure the integrity of it, that's how it would work with MySpace.

Tugba Gokce Gunes

Companies should be ready to social media traps. This may had been predicted and also they should had been a crises plan for this situation.

This is also funny and I think that, it has a viral value. They might change the direction of campaign, instead of cancelling it. So people also may post their own decisions about Starbucks as Vlogs (or Video-Comments).

And also it is interesting that they fund multi-millions to a internet campaign. (Even ironic, when you consider that Twitter still does not have a business model.)


Interesting article.Not sure what his grudge with Starbucks is though.

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Patrick Long

I wonder what that video made by the filmmaker has done for the SB employees who have aired their concerns. I hope the effort was not put to waste, the "employees'" participation, that is.

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I agree with you here. Kudos to the author!

Luminox 3051

The power of Twitter is getting ridiculous. Amazing what can be achieved with these social networks.

Whitehat Copycat 2

I'm sure Starbucks won't be the only company to have this sort of thing happen to them due to Twitter.


This is great! Down with the man:) Nice read!

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