Who are the powerful people to spread your ideas and tell your stories?

Posted by David Meerman Scott 11:42 AM on April 02, 2009

Many people tell me that they want to get quoted in important publications like The Wall Street Journal or have their products mentioned on television networks like CNBC. These "media hits" are seen as the ultimate in spreading your ideas.

But is that really the best thing for you and your business?

At South-by-Southwest a few weeks ago, I hung out for a while in the blogger lounge. As I looked around the room and saw the many influential bloggers, I realized something important.

SXSW blogger lounge

The collective voices of the bloggers in the #SXSW blogger lounge is more powerful and has more influence than The Wall Street Journal.

So as you think about reaching your audiences, consider who has the power. Is it mainstream media? Or someone else? How can you reach them?

PS > Are you in this photo? Recognize anyone who is? I see my friends C.C. Chapman and Jonathan Fields. And look, it’s a HubSpot logo on a T-shirt.

David Meerman Scott

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