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April 27, 2009


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elaine hernandez

Thanks, Mr M Scott, for visiting us and give us the chance to hear some essentials and very important tips about the new media in Domnican Republic.
It was real pleasure to lunch with you and learn some technology and humans things too.
Elaine Hernández


Sorry I missed your conference. I've also been part of the Internet business in DR since 1998, Managing projects for several companies and ad agencies since. Currently I manage over 30 micro and mainstream sites which I target to several countries. Luckily I was Twittering many questions to you thru @ruidelgado and others. At the time of your conference I was in the US working on a project, but we can follow each other thru Twitter. Good Luck. @socratesmaura

Emily Sheetz

Wow. Amazing and thought-leading post. My suggestion would be to include authors in on this social media revolution. Authors are often on the front lines of change in politics anyway so it would be cool to give them a greater voice. Local authors are in tune with the people and it would be interesting to see them given a virtual bull horn.

Eugenie Verney

Great post! It will be really interesting to see how many of your ideas the government does take on board, and how they translate them into practical policy.

Cristal Marie

Thank you so much for mentioning me and taking our progress and strategies into consideration. As someone who has to build practically an entire career as an artist online, social media has been instrumental!

Thanks to a twitter announcement all copies of my manga/comic "Justice" were gone in less than an HOUR at the National Book Fair! I had to sign like a mad woman. We've actually ordered more copies for the rest of the week cause they were gone on day 1!

See you on twitter! @cristalmarie

My cat also salutes you! @catlebrity

Carlos Rodriguez

Is is nice to see how the Dominican Republic is moving in the right direction when it comes to new media. I hope the president truly recognizes the importance of developing the infrastructure necessary to maintain and support the development of information technology to today's standards. Affordable access to the Internet should be a national priority that will bring new sources of revenue to the country, education, and the entrepreneurship spirit much needed in the country.

Carlos Rodriguez

Jason Karpf

New media is more than a fad or another way to peddle widgets. Your inspiring visit to the Dominican Republic shows that we work with the tools to lift nations and empower generations. You honor our profession, David. Well done!

Adam Wallace

This is great stuff. Great to see that a country like the DR sees value in new media. Interesting insight into how this is achievable. I have spent some time volunteering in DR and can definitely see the great value in the increase in connectivity and an adoption of new media.

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