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April 07, 2009


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Heather K. Margolis

Wow, the eBook is incredibly helpful. Having just started my own blog and consulting services I have a long to-do list. Thanks for the post!

Emily Sheetz

Thanks for this post. I am exactly who this post and this book are talking to. I am a twentysomething who has tapped into creating an online presence in order to enrich my real world presence. It is working famously. I highly encourage anyone in my shoes to do exactly (carefully!) what this book is saying. It is uber impressive to potential employers to see that I am on the front lines of innovation. In a lot of ways, blogs/twitter/facebook are the new, holistic resume.

Sam Amsterdam

I am a twenty-something public relations consultant with a knack for prescribing applications to the corporate sector on strategic integration in to emerging markets. A book like this looks truly worthwhile with regard to getting my presence known, increase my blog (www.corporateforeignpolicy.com, by the way) readership and position my networking strategy. Look forward to checking it out!

Jun Loayza

David, I read your book, The New Rules of Marketing and PR, during the Fall of 2007. Man did it change my life!

You are the reason I started a blog and have been able to build such a strong name for myself in my community.

Best of all, I remember sending you an email right after I finished reading your book, and you emailed me exactly 3 hours after I had sent it. Thank you so much for that.

I want to share the exclusive video interview I did with Dan Schawbel with you and your readers. You can check out the video interview here http://bit.ly/G7dG

Thanks David. I hope you and your readers benefit immensely.

- Jun Loayza

Tobias Singer

Thanks for this great interview! "Me 2.0" is one of the books I'm genuinely excited about. I'm also in my 20s and even though I learned a lot about branding at university, the idea of "personal branding" has never been a topic. It is fascinating how branding rules apply to our personal brands as well.

There is only one thing in the interview I don't agree with: I don't think large companies that don't embrace social media will cease to exist. I'd certainly appreciate if they did, but I don't believe it's going to happen. The reason for that is very simple: There are quite a few big companies that do such a bad job at branding and marketing, but still get by pretty well. As much as I hate to say it, there are some other factors that keep these companies alive.

Don't get me wrong, I really think it's important for companies to enable their employees to use social media tools and I hope more companies will do it in the future.


What about people who don't want to share every minute detail of their personal life? For example my sister is a primary school teacher and had a friend request from a child's parent - this compromised her position in the school. I agree social media is good for some people but it can't be for everyone.


Great point about the increasing importance of personal branding. In the future I believe we will see a shift from brand message to those behind the brand message. By that I mean, you look at the influence of Steve Jobs (apple), his word is the brand. These superstars will begin to emerge in other corporations as the individual is given more freedom and opportunity to be an individual.


I'm way beyond my 20's but found Dan's e-book to be extremely helpful. I'm the director of marketing for a real estate company and his e-book is a must-read for all of our agents who are thinking about or currently blogging. Thanks for sharing.

Sally Martin

Hi David:

I found your blog post and the advice from Dan to be very helpful! I am a student at Clemson University and am in a Public Relations Class. We have learned about the phenomenon of blogging and the many benefits if done properly. I have created a blog (for class and personal) but am still seeking to discover my place/niche in the "blog world"- I feel this might be the most difficult part, especially for students, as we are still trying to find our voice. Also, starting to build a personal brand right now, in my 20's, is very valuable advice.

I have subscribed to your blog and will share this with classmates. Also, I plan to order Dan's book, Me 2.0, and can't wait to read it!

Sally Martin

Tony Faustino

David: Thank you for this very helpful interview with Dan Schwabel and his new book, Me 2.0. I downloaded his eBook and and plan on re-reading it again because it was filled w/ many great insights(like your eBooks, New Rules of Marketing & PR, and World Wide Rave).

I've purchased Me 2.0 from Amazon and can't wait to till it hits my mailbox. I am a 43 year-old marketing professional (still gamefully employed - knock on wood), and the reason yours and Dan's work clearly resonates with me is in how you both demonstrate that we all have the opportunity to leverage Web 2.0 and "re-brand" or "reinvent" ourselves as thought leaders or subject matter experts.

My sincere thanks and safe travels while you're in New Zealand.

Common Japanese words

This is something that should be covered in college, with at least an entire course devoted to it.


Hi David,

I'm in the middle of reading Me 2.0, and will definitely check out the eBook. While I'm not in my 20s, I think there's something in Me 2.0 for everyone!

edit mp3

Hi! I just started reading this book several hours ago and I find it very interesting so far. Thank you for this review, that was so helpful!

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