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April 15, 2009


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I love my car but would never put a sticker on it. It just look so tacky. I do think it's a matter of taste. Now I don't know how to explain why Apple's users often have stickers on the laptop and most PC users don't, which is a verified fact.

Jennifer Neal

I love my macs - I have a mac lap top, and iphone and 4 mac desk computers - and I would never put a sticker on them - EVER!

Scott Clark

My Dell laptop covered with stickers from conferences it's carried me through. Almost like having a passport covered with stamps.

Stuart Foster

I'm just not a sticker/customization guy. I love clean, simple aesthetics and would probably only decorate a laptop if I was paid to do so.


I am not a sticker kind of person, but I am getting my logo sticker made for other people to have!

Fabio Platero

I have a laptop and I put a personalized stiker of Herbalife.

Mike Lefebvre, The Uncommon Agent

Funny post! Check your snail mail when you return home. Love the passionate Mac people, but stickers are a little ghetto for my taste. It's a wasted opportunity to start a rave about someone else...


I'm the opposite. My PC is fully stickers, I've never put a sticker on the Mac as it would spoil the look. So personalisation does not mean love in my case...

John R. Sedivy

I have to agree with the others - I am definitely not a sticker guy. I am of the philosophy that less is more, however to each their own. I do agree that personalization does reflect a certain love of product. I do love my Mac as well as the overall Apple experience!

I recently read a great book called "Do You Matter" which basically posed the question that if your company went out of business would anyone care? Given this test I would say that I wouldn't care if most products or services were unavailable. I would certainly care if Apple went out of business.

Amelia Vargo

I don't do stickers. But a friend of mine is a PC man and he puts apple stickers on his PC to make it look like an apple mac. Strange I know - he should just buy an apple!

John Wall

Like most of the people I know that use Dell, I don't have to pay for them.

Emily Sheetz

Creatives tend to like Macs. Creatives like to customize/create things. Makes sense to me.


It makes your apple look unique. Just like everyone else's.

Chris Zdunich

I'm not a sticker guy, either. I like the clean, crisp look.


It reminds me of putting stickers on notebooks in high school... or your car.

I have been considering creating a skin with MY company branding on it for my mac. Haven't done it yet though. I wouldn't put other stickers on my computer because it looks ... messy and my clients might consider it to look less professional.

I have seen a fair number of stickers on pcs ... but typically when they are gamers (I don't see many bare pc laptops at the local LAN gaming coffee shop without stickers.)

I think the people who are more likely to put stickers on their computers aren't just creative types but people who use their machines for more than the basics. People who aren't afraid of delving in and getting that machine to really do more than be a new age typewriter... I'm not sure exactly how to describe it. I do think the percentage of mac users who are this way is higher than pc users.

I also think another factor is that Mac users are more likely to have strong brand loyalties. Brand evangelists and the Law of the Few (book: the Tipping Point) comes to mind.

David Meerman Scott

Wow - great discussion. Many people love macs and don't deface them. That's cool. Glad this sparked some interest.

@Adriel - LOL. Great comment.


The original post says:

"And I also noticed that of the few people using PCs, none had not personalized them."

The double negative means that all the PC users had personalized their computers. So what's the big deal, Mac people personalize, PC people personalize.

They probably all drink coca-mocha-locha-frappucino-latte-grandes too.

@hdbbstephen on Twitter

I have a PC and I put stickers on it, 'cuz they are fun.
Click my name if you wanna see them.

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i have a apple Laptop and i put some funny stickers on it.! its look so funny but i love my funny laptop..!

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David Meerman Scott

@Gary - To clarify. This was not a double negative. There were few people in the blogger lounge using PCs (almost all had a Mac). Of the few who did have PCs, none had stickers.


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I think the people who are more likely to put stickers on their computers aren't just creative types but people who use their machines for more than the basics.

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I love clean, simple aesthetics and would probably only decorate a laptop if I was paid to do so.

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