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April 28, 2009


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I really like this analogy. And the end quote. People often think of marketers as professional "BS"-ers. But as a marketer, I'm always advocating for authenticity. Because that's what our customers want. I'm often implementing that authenticity by stripping the jargon out of marketing collateral and PR in favor of plain language. Anyway, I like it.

Michael Ray Hopkin

Great comparison David. The monolithic, grind-'em-up, big-corporate way of doing things is being challenged on many fronts, not the least of which is marketing.

Thanks for your work that is arming craft marketers with the tools they need to win. -Michael

Siobhan Bulfin

kind of hokey but I love it; and yes the messages run parallel to what I believe in and the same challenges are there.

Amelia Vargo

Yes, great comparison. I really think that this kind of marketing is the way forward.

Nick Shepheard

Craft marketing IS craft brewing.

Do what you love, the best ingredients, not too fast, collaborate not compromise, true to the vision.

Craft anything IS craft brewing.

Nothing I like more than a little uplifting in the morning. Thanks Dave and a special thank you to everyone behind and inside the video.

I'm off to tend the copper kettle - I'm after smooth, fresh and flavourful.

Tom Kennedy

"Hold true to our craft" Does it get any better than that? Great post and very inspiring video. Talking with a painter friend of mine this morning about this very subject. Helping him become a better "craft marketer" and demonstrate how he is unique. Thanks Davide for the terrific pist

Ron Ploof

First of all, I love craft beers.

Second, I love craft content and the companies that create it.

Lastly, crafts typically have guilds. I hereby nominate David as the Chief Crafting Officer.

David Meerman Scott

Ron, Wow. Thanks. Wish I could do something like that in a formal way... My family would disown me if I spent any more time away from them.

Daryle Dickens

Yes. I am thirsty for a tasty craft beer. But since it is only 10AM I should wait a bit. (at least an hour)

But this is a great example of an industry that has always been creative in its craft and in its marketing. I know because I worked for one of the craft brewers that is in the video.

Please support your local brewer!

Marissa Yennie

I would love to be considered a craft marketer. I have always been a huge fan of boutique agencies. As a student studying marketing and public relations, sometimes it's hard to see past the huge corporate structure. I feel like a lot of public relations and marketing tactics today are drenched in negativity by the public and yet, I think that marketing and PR should be for the people. I can see the correlation between a craft brewer and a craft marketer in many regards. First, a craft brewer doesn't settle for anything but the best to obtain the best result; same with a craft marketer. A craft brewer brings passion, and innovation to their trade; craft marketers do the same. Craft brewers aren't afraid to take risks. Also, craft brewers stand united together because they want to create the best beer possible. I believe that craft marketers should strive for this. I like how the video depicted craft brewers as "the heart and soul of the industry." Each brewer contributed; they helped "brew" the industry. With dedication and perseverance, each craft brewer takes the risks to illuminate their trade, boasting both novelty and tradition. Craft marketers are doing the same, helping to brew the marketing and PR industry. Going against convention, craft brewers and marketers stand firm by their beliefs and will do what it takes to get the best results. I wish that every marketing and PR professionals would bring as much passion, truth, integrity, and commitment to the industry as craft brewers bring to theirs. I wish PR and marketers could make their communities a better place. I aspire to be a craft marketer. Cheers!

atul chatterjee

Big companies will remain with large marketing budgets. The only difference is that they are going to be addressing increasingly fragmented markets. Understanding these markets is no longer going to be easy. This is where I see the role of a craft marketer comes in.

Doug Burr

Thanks for posting this whole story, David.

Followup: Here is the full 46 minute video of Greg's Keynote speech at CBC for those interested



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This video which promotes craft brewing is a great example of craft marketing.

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