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March 23, 2009


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Steve Buchholz

Nice work. Very perceptive. The 30-page marketing plan (in color) that can't be changed reminds me of those consultants who come into your business and sell you a customized plan that turns out to be off-the-shelf drivel.

Rodney Johnson

After all, if were into semantics, isn't a World Wide Wave, simply a tsunami?

Stacey Lawrence

Hmm, he makes a good point - that 30-page marketing plan IS printed in color. We all know how pricey color printing can be.

How many thousands of books have you printed? Maybe you could just use a Sharpie and change the covers - a quick swipe and that "R" can be made into a "W", no problem. And it would look very custom. Cutting edge, even.

These shorts are so clever and well done, David - I don't want them to end. Are you sure you can't make this trilogy into like 592 parts?? Seriously, don't get hung up on the semantics of the word "trilogy". :)

David Meerman Scott

Glad you guys like these. We really had fun making them. One more to go, but maybe we can find some out takes. David

Ron Miller

My favorite line: "Let's not locked down on one title for the book." Hilarious, David.

Robert Wickman

Too funny. Not sure if I should laugh or cry or snicker - the number of times we've all had similar conversations with people who just don't get it. Looking forward to episode three and the out-takes Stacey noted.

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