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March 15, 2009


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David McInnis

Not sure if you remember back to the early days, but this was the model we used at PRWeb. Obviously it is no longer this way. However it was a fun model and it is a great way to launch an online business. It makes the entire customer / vendor experience more cooperative. I love it.


There is a dinner here in Detroit MI that is doing the very same thing. For a few weeks they are letting their customers pay what they feel their meal was worth. I've never heard of this dinner before, but because of the word of mouth, I am interested in checking it out, sharing the story with who I know, and will most likely pay full price for my meal just on the simple fact that they would even provide this option. Smart!

Ari Herzog

OK, I'll bite.

What is AIIM????

I visited their website and looked on their homepage, their about page, and their contact page, but there's no elaboration what the acronym stands for. Or is that the name?

Bob Zagami


The acronym is now the name of the Association but originally stood for the Association for Information and Image Management. Prior to that it was the National Micrographics and before that it was the National Microfilm Association.

The Associations's trade members allow companies and organizatiion to capture, index, manage, store, retrieve and distribute information (paper or electronic) throughout the enterprise.

We move information through an organization electronically versus doing everything with paper.

You might enjoy the organizations magazine and web site that highlight actual end user success stories in helping their companies go "green" through the use of the technologies and solutions that might incorporate hardware, software, software-as-a-service, or document conversion services to ingest large amounts of legacy paper-based information into an electronic document management system.

The web site for the Assocations magazine is: http://www.aiim.org/Infonomics/

Thank you for inquiring.

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