Pay whatever your AIIM membership is worth to you

Posted by David Meerman Scott 07:01 AM on March 15, 2009

Got an interesting email from my friend Bob Zagami, who is Chair, AIIM International Board of Directors. Bob says that for a limited time, anyone can join AIIM with a Professional Membership at whatever price they could pay.

AIIM is a "non-profit organization focused on helping users to understand the challenges associated with managing documents, content, records, and business processes."

John Mancini, AIIM President, posted details on his blog.

I find two things interesting about this offer.

By making a move like this, people talk about AIIM, which is a good thing. As more people hear of the organization for the first time, newer potential members may choose to join.

But perhaps more importantly, AIIM understands that in tough times, many companies are eliminating budget items such as professional organization fees. The result when your company no longer pays for your memberships is that you must decide if you want to pay out of your own pocket or let the membership lapse.

AIIM makes it the decision easier by making pricing flexible.

Bob Zagami says: "Many companies are eliminating all spending on travel, education and training – at the very time that education and training are needed most. Well, if the company won’t pay for it, AIIM is going to let them pay what they can afford, and we put our trust and faith in the American worker to do what is right, because most of them always do."

What can your business do in these tough times that will serve to both spread your ideas and bring in more business?

David Meerman Scott

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