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March 30, 2009


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Erika Stanczak

What an amazing day it was @dmscott! Thank you so much for involving us in something we will never forget (when will we ever get to see our faces on a building ever again!?). Best of luck on the book launch. :)

Cherilyn Stringer

Thank you @dmscott and GlobeNewswire for the amazing experience yesterday. It was great to meet everyone and be a part of the first "tweetup" at NASDAQ. I posted a few photos on Flickr at http://tinyurl.com/dmg2ub

Thanks again and see you online! @cheristringer

C.C. Chapman

Congrats! It was awesome to see the tweets and photos coming in yesterday. Wish I could have been part of it and psyched for the latest exposure you got! Way to go.

Adele Revella

Ohmigosh David, this is incredible. A world wide rave indeed!

Heather K. Margolis

That's so great! Hopefully you bring some good vibes as well as a WWR!

John R. Sedivy

Congratulations on this significant accomplishment! Truly a great way to promote your book as well as continue to gain momentum for non-traditional marketing methods such as social media!


Hi David, congratulations on your blog...I happen to just click on it and to my surprize found it quite interesting and well done....

I am a former businessman and entrepreneur from Austin, Texas who one day did a crazy thing and followed is dream by going to live in Florence, Italy even though I was broke, had never been there, did not know anyone and did not speak the language...I was 47 years old at the time....well it had been a 12 years full of unbelievable movie like experiences in a country full of MAGIC !

One of my dreams had always been to be a tango dancer and so I pursued that with a passion...I have now taught tango in several places in Europe and the US and have done performances in some beautiful theaters...

And so my message to people is..

• Follow your dream...DO IT NOW !
• It is never too late...NEVER !

Come visit me in Rome David, we'll share some good food and wine and I'll show you the most beautiful city in the world ! Here is my latest video !



How far we've come. Now anyone can create a tweet-up with the push of a few buttons on twebevent.

Just point your browser to http://twebevent.com/YourEventName and follow the prompts on screen. Replace "YourEventName" with your event name. :)

Also, there are dozens of twitter chats on a variety of topics that take place weekly. Check http://bit.ly/oXBBu for the schedule.

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