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March 11, 2009


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I don't have a Kindle but I downloaded it to my iPhone and sent out a tweet.

Michelle Conlon

Just downloaded it to my iPhone and did a quick tweet about it. Looking forward to reading it.

Thanks David!


Excellent! I do have a Kindle and have downloaded and look forward to reading your book. Thanks and best of luck with your events.

Paul Baiguerra

Kindle and Kindle iPhone app not available in Australia...how will I get to rave about this book?!

Any chance it will become available in another e-book format for non-kindle iphone apps?

David Meerman Scott

At this point there are no plans for any additional free editions of World Wide Rave. Sorry.

However I have several free ebooks. Download them all.

Ross Higgins

Comes up as "not available" for me.

Stacy Lukas

Hm ... I already bought a hard copy of the book, so how about Amazon give me a free Kindle instead?


While I'm a magnet to the subject matter of your book and I'm curious to read it now, I hope it's not a rehash of some of Seth Godin's seminal works (Permission Marketing, Purple Cow, IdeaVirus).

David Meerman Scott


Please read my book before you decide what it might be. Or better yet, ask my friend Seth what he thinks...


Patsi Krakoff aka The Blog Squad

Brilliant idea, David. I'm going to let our Blog to Book project members know about this. I'll bet you're the first one to make such an offer, and as a way to promote a book, it's simple genius. Peeps who have Kindles are usually movers and shakers, so getting them to read your book increases the chance they'll talk about it, in public! Also, when someone really likes a book, they will often want the hard copy as well. I've been known to get both the Kindle and hard copies. Best of luck on creating a WWR!

Andreas Rudolph

Hi David

as a newbee blogger (writing about product management), I am observing your site for quite a while - there are some interesting concepts on it.

Just want to let you know, that you already started a worldwide rave. Unfortunaley we do not have Kindle here in Germany, too (like in Australia), and no possiblity to download.

What a pitty for me (as well). However, thanks for your site, and the e-books you mentioned above.

BR, Andreas

Robert Johnson Piano

Looks like I missed the five day free offer window, but I will look up the world wide array of next time that I turn and on.

Robert Johnson Piano

My bad... I meant to write your title as: "World Wide Rave"... Look forward to reading it!
(These speech to text dictation programs that I ustilize sometime misspell a word or two that seem to "sneek by"... my apologies again.)

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