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March 01, 2009


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Kampanye Damai Pemilu Indonesia 2009

I wish new marketing Will working on Istanbul, Great article.

Merve Koç

I wish new marketing works also in other parts of Turkey. But even classical marketing is early for there.

Again great article, great presentation. Thanks :)


The Turkish Cover looks awesome. Congrats David!

And thanks for your Guest Post over at www.spotlightblog.com and especially for giving away 3 (English) copies of your new book!

Author, Step Into The Spotlight!

Joel Heffner

My own research had this result. I asked my wife when was the last time she looked at the Yellow Pages. Her answer, "Do we still have the Yellow Pages?" And, she doesn't consider herself to be very tech oriented...but she uses Google to find stuff, email to contact vendors, and eBay to buy stuff.

Peter Job, CEO Intergence Systems

Dear David,

Your book has been a revelation. We are in the process of revamping our web-site and are trying to use as many of your suggestions as possible. As a result, we have spent many hours creating content along with the redesign. The new site will be live in about 3 weeks so you should be able to track "before and after". It has been quite a scary (and enlightening) experience as the more content we have created, the more we realised how much extra work was required!
I am really looking forward to reading your new book as well.

Michael Ray Hopkin

David, this video further validates the power of new marketing regardless of where you are located or where your potential customers live. It's flat-out cool to see the hands go up in Istanbul and to know you would get the same response in most parts of the world.

In my experience, the key to turning this phenomenon into sales for your product/services is -- as you have said many times -- a solid web landing page. When people are looking for something specific, they will usually buy if you give them the right opportunity. -Michael

Eric Hannon

The picture of a room full of people with their hands up tells the whole story. Thanks for reinforcing the the power of useful information made public.

eric brody


Agree that people don't fawn over our products and services. In fact, it's not really about us at all. It's about how we make people feel and how we enhance people's lives through our brands. And relevant and meaningful content is a requisite to gaining their attention.

Top-down, one-way messaging that tries to capture a customer doesn't cut it anymore. It's all about bottom-up conversation and collaboration with our audiences - who happen to be on one of a few different screens.

Ufuk Özgül


I wasn't able to attend your session due to our intense work week however I always like to read your blogs and can say I learned from you a lot. I think we, Turkish people, are much more interested in socializing through networks rather than using it for marketing/business means however people like us try to boost the usage of social media and show the limitless opportunities it can bring to Public Relations.

However some parts are still missing, even though some colleagues try to position themselves as social media experts, I don't feel yet they have the credibility to gain the desired outcome, sometimes I even think that people try to get some advantage of it while not so many people are aware of what social media really is and what it can really achieve.

Don't you think those cursory initiatives may lead to disasters for companies?

By the way I am a junior PR practitioner.

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