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February 26, 2009


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Rhodri Lloyd

Gud post, its always essential to the reinforce the 4Ps. I really liked your Rules of Marketing book. I've written a company blog using it http://tinyurl.com/cnghyn. Please check it out!! I was going to twitter you this message but it was too long.


I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



Jodi Kaplan

"She's expert in the four Ps: perfume, polish, peroxide, and Prada."

That's.... (sorry, I can't resist)... PRICELESS!

Mac McIntosh

Your post reminds me of a story of a client who put all his eggs in the latest marketing media basket. Later, when tracking actual results, he saw over a million dollars in sales to new clients that could be tracked to the that tactic. However, the problem was that his other business dropped by nine million dollars because he was no longer using other marketing media to communicate with other prospects and customers.

What happened next? He shifted some of his marketing budget and resources back to funding the other media too. Sales quickly climbed. With the additional sales generated by the new media, they all lived happily ever after.

Linas Sablovskis

Well, I do believe in one P... Purple Cow!

see you in 6 days! :)

Paul Baiguerra

Recently went to a meeting with a new client - the meeting before mine was with the media people they had spent (for them) a fair whack of money with and achieved next to zero results - the campaign had not even paid for itself.
They were very open to discussing how to do things a little differently.

Susan/Second Income Business

Isn't it interesting that we spent so much time looking for the perfect angle of marketing tactic, that we now have to relearn the ability to geniunely interact with one another

Steve Johnson

While many think of the Marketing Mix as Price, Prayer and PowerPoint, I like to get product managers to focus on the Problem. Get that right and your solution will inspire a World Wide Rave.


Hello David,

Good post! These are important facts but difficult for most companies to change the "we've always done it that way mentality".


Brad Majors


In your discussion of Marketing's Ps, you omitted the most important one of all: the Prospect. That should be the focus of the four Ps and if we can keep that guy in mind, the four Ps do have relevance. You may enjoy a post I just submitted today at www.yourbrandreps.com. It is very much "on message" to your post.


Hi, I wrote about your book, "the New Rules of Marketing and PR," on my post - actually it was an assignment of my class "New Media Driver's License." We, as PR practitioners, have many new opportunities in a Web 2.0 world. Yet, it is a pity for many of us just to follow old rules of PR and simply ignore the importance of social media.

Ishwar S


Very interesting thoughts. Another P which has commonly been used is of course 'Positioning' which has been at some level rechristened as 'the story'. Whatever the term might be, the story is undoubtedly the most important.

Once the story is decided, the marketer would do well to focus all his/her energies in living the story.

This can only be achieved when all the 4 P's are in line with the story and there is no disconnect between the story and the elements (4 P's) which contribute to the story.

Mark Madsen

A couple of other P's for thought:

Purpose - have one

Problem - show how your product / service solves it


I like the story approach as well. Never really thought about how easy it is to gain interest in something if there was a story attached to it. We also like showing our support for people or companies that have a good story behind them.

Good post, thanks.

Account Deleted

hi David,
I worked for www.retocen.com as a marketing manager. We are a online retailer for baby & Mom products In India. I keep reading your book and blogs. Its very informative and i have changed the content based upon your view.
Nice thoughts..thanks..

Ken in Denver

Spin Spin Spin -- nice gloss over the fundamental issue of "interested market". How the heck do you think you have an interested market without knowing them and reaching them? Yet another Internet myth-understood.


You are right on. New methods are in. I use video to create content that's easily shared. Then I post free at http://www.Adwido.com and allow them to target speicific keywords to explode my search engine traffic. Plus it's free to open an account. I make the videos interesting enough that people will want to share them after watching.

Kripaluji Maharaj

The new ideas were great to learn. I enjoyed reading all of them and as a result of it, i am so changed with my thoughts!

Steven M.

I think marketing is hugely important because there are many firms or individuals with a great product but not emoup promotion. Yes, making sure it is easy for folks to share your content with others lik you mentioned is key as well.

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