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February 24, 2009


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Paul Gillin

What's unique about this event is its focus on inbound marketing. I love the title, because it's such a nice contrast to the traditional outbound (read: interruption) tactics that have dominated marketing for so long. Think of it: Today, you can actually entice people to come to you because you have something valuable to offer them. And if you do it right, they'll even invite others to visit you as well. How cool is that?

Tamara Gruber

Great news, I attended the New Marketing Summit last fall and have since become enthralled with everything Hubspot has to say. I'll look forward to this year's Boston event. However, I think Inbound Marketing is a little misrepresentative of a conference that was largely about consumer engagement. Just sayin' is all :)

Justin Levy

What I love about what we're doing this year is taking it to multiple cities instead of only having it in Boston. Also, the great speakers and sponsors we have, along with the focus around "Strategy into Action" will make it a great event to attend.

We're done learning that social media is cool and everyone should be using it. We are now moving towards taking these tools, forming a business strategy utilizing them.

Cecilia S. Aiken

The comment "Stories are exciting. Most marketing is not." is so true. In my marketing class the book was so boring. Our teacher really tried to make the material interestin but all I could do was think about food.
I am a public relations major and promoting is going to be a part of my job decription. I want to be able to write, speak, or influence other by telling them an interesting story to get my point accross and hopefully get them to agree with me or take action on the subject.I want people to be impatient about telling their family and friends about my message.

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