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February 22, 2009


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Michael Ehline

Just found this on stumble. Stumbled!

Mark Evertz

DMS...this is such a cool project. Thank you for taking the time to make it happen...and for sharing. I'll dig in, adopt and share.

Cheers to you,


cool, David! wow, our Twin Cities Social Media Club clip is right at the beginning ... thank you - what fun! :-)

I'm about to post your badge on my blog's sidebar: www.tech-surf-blog.com ... since I helped set up that Twin Cities gig :-)

been trying to get back out to San Clemente CA to shoot a quick video clip at Trestles or the Pier... finally will the first week of March!

rave on!

Mel Smith

That was awesome, so many people coming together.
To bad we can't start a RAVE on changing the Health of the world for a better world

Phil Gerbyshak

Fantastic job on the video and the ebook David! Love the book too.

Mark Alan Effinger

Nice work, David!

Man, you're both viral, and pervasive. I believe that's a part of the formula: to create compelling enough content to not only see a surge in adoption, but to see that adoption get outside your own echo chamber (did I REALLY say 'echo chamber'? Shame on me).

Well done. David, you are most definitely one of the most solid performers in this market. You continue to boil-down the essence of what's really vital into digestible, engaging guidance.
Thanks again for an excellent how-to (with moving pictures!). Looking forward to the book.

Mark Alan Effinger

Dianna Huff


You outdid yourself on this video. It is superb!


Congratulations David, I've been looking forward to seeing the book for a while and love the E-Book.

Shaun Dakin

Congrats David. Well Deserved.

Your ideas helped me get StopPoliticalCalls.org off the ground.

Forever in your debt.

Shaun Dakin
CEO. The National Political Do Not Contact Registry

Mark Sinclair - yBC


What a great WWR to be involved with! Lots of fun, and so cool for you to have so many people involved in so many places.

Looking forward to reading the book. I've already read the e-book of course!

As you know, we've adopted many of your previously outlined strategies (as written in the New Rules of Marketing and PR) for yBC, and they have had a huge impact. They absolutely work, and we are converts. Evangelists even!

Hope you are having a productive and interesting time in Istanbul.


Kelly Monaghan

Another winner! You've inspired me to create a world wide rave for the next iteration of my Home-Based Travel Agent course.

mike mcallen

This is amazing! Nice work David! Its a very inspiring video. Loved the new book. Thank you.


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Lisa Pecunia

Awesome video. I loved your last book, can't wait to get my hands on this one! Keep up the fantastic work, you inspire us all!

...and thanks for commenting on my blog last week, I hope you don't mind my shameless plug :-)



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Motorcycle Lawyer

thanks for posting this. Gives a great prospective to all things marketing. Just read your book and I would recommend this to anyone marketing online. Great work!


thank you, great post

Gambling Lawyer

Wow, a project like was really ambitious. Kudos to you and the wonderful World Wide Rave video! Looks Awesome :)


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