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February 16, 2009


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Steve Buchholz

Great stuff! It's truly creative and way better than much of the pseudo-creative ads and promtional campaigns we see these days. Examples: the Doritos ads during the Super Bowl and just about any Budweiser spot during the past five years.

George Snell

Hi David:
I don't want to appear as if I'm criticizing Mr. Quinn because I'm not. He's trying some creative things to market his book. But his Twitter feed as fewer than 650 followers and his FB page less than 51 fans. How does that qualify as a World Wide Rave?

I'm a believer in social media, but not every Twitter account or FB page works for everybody. Isn't it your own advice that strategy and knowing your customers comes first - and then the technology?

I give lots of credit to Mr. Quinn for creativity, but have his efforts really make a significant impact on his book sales?

I'd be curious to read your response. Thank you for allowing me to ask.

dog insurance

brilliant idea.


Yes this is great article, looking forward for update.

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