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January 07, 2009


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Linas Sablovskis

Thanks, reading both now :D, this ebook and your "new rules to marketing and pr". In Lithuania it is "Naujosios rinkodaros ir viesuju rysiu taisykles" you probably know it :D

Margarida Godinho

Thanks for sharing another free ebook. They are very useful.


Thanks for posting, I think the "Where the hell is Matt?," videos are a great concept to follow. The part that made me want to pass along the video was that it seems like there is something deeper to the video, not just the silly dance and then when you investigate you realize...it really is just Stride gum.

Scott Hogrefe

I like what you're saying and it hearkens back to The Field of Dreams -- if you build it, they will come. Or another way of saying it... "Free yourself and the sales will follow."


Cool info, thanks for sharing the preview. Would really, really, really love to see you give an example of a social media campaign that, for example, scored a large enterprise-size deal for a company though. While relevant to B2C and an individual's brand I still would love to see a use case where someone following this approach & has landed a >100k software deal for example as a result of SMM. Good luck with the book and I'll check it out.


Excellent! I clearly remember coming across your e-book, The New Rules of PR a year back when I had to write my first PR.

Figured things had changed - glad I read it, would have had egg on my face!

Looking forward to checking this one out!


Mary White-Cornell

Wow - Thanks for the outstanding E-book. I just read each and every page. I'm sending it to all of my friends in the restaurant marketing biz who can totally relate to CEOs not "getting it". I loved your analogy about the ROI on the gardener. Great Point!

Clint Carlson

Thanks for the info Dave! It pushes me even closer to the idea I'm currently working on. I'm an admissions rep for a college in Minnesota and would like to put together a free e-book that provides advice and resources for single mothers who want to go back to school (a large demographic here). I was thinking interviews with students as well as contact information for the counties in the area that offer child care assistance. Anyone else in the community have any thoughts on the idea? I'd love to hear them at losclintos(at)mac.com.

Thanks and keep up the good work Dave!

Jennifer Barthe

David your ebooks are like cotton candy: sweet, light, and easy to enjoy.

I know World Wide Rave isn't available yet, but I can't wait to read it.

Eric Brown

David, Good Evening,
Thank you for the eBook, much appreciated. I completely agree with you that the obsessed ROI executives are really scared to death of trying anything outside their comfort zone, which is doing what they have always done. Further, I question if they really know what their ROI is on their traditional marketing either

Mark Gladding

Hi David,

Thanks very much for the ebook. I've announced it today and written a very short blog post linking it to the interview we did last month.

All the best,


Jackie Ann Patterson

David, Thanks for the inspiring e-book! Since it is easy to forward, I posted a link on my blog.

Tim Dempsey

You just keep on cranking it out D: nice job on this one and you DO have a great designer.

On a serious note: couldn't agree more with the rejection of traditional measures -- never moreseo than in the challenging times we face today. Key principal from Marketing Unbound... and before you tell me I know I need to write the next e-book!

Back to losing control,,, ;-)

Pete Jakob

Thanks for the new ebook. I read it and it made me really angry. Not because you might be wrong, but because I think you're probably right!! Good job.

David Meerman Scott

Pete.. Interesting comment. For me, it doesn't matter if I am "right" or "wrong" because I've made you think and consider a different way, which was my goal.

Justin Brock

David, glad to see you'll be doing a webcast with Hubspot. They're a very cool company.

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Thanks very much for the ebook.


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