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January 12, 2009


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Conferences (both physical and virtual) have specific audiences interested in that content. Social media is a natural way to connect with these enthusiasts - not only to promote attendance for the events, but also to maintain an evangelist following. However, I think this is only possible if a community/social network does not already exists for that particular group.

Eric Brown

David, Hello I really enjoy your posts, books and material.

This is a great example of how connecting and effective use of Social Media can enhance the marketing results.

L. Howell

Terrific insight and exciting to see. A recent McKinsey article on BNET at http://www.bnet.com/2403-13237_23-261847.html emphasizes albeit with more words you main point, which is thinking and behaving differently to market and identify new customers who are willing to buy. Well done! Will keep up on Twitter https://twitter.com/goseedo

C. Laurent

this would only work if your target market were users of Facebook, given the group of 20-somethings in the photo one can see why it was effective for the Tattoo show. now if you were marketing say an investment show geared towards boomers, a Facebook promo would not be nearly so effective. I would like to see a demographic breakdown of Facebook users, does anyone know if such a breakdown exists.



Thanks for this example. One of the things I love about your writing is that you're giving us fresh examples, not the same old Kryptonite lock fiasco recycled for Facebook.

Do you have any tips on how to promote a Facebook group and keep it vibrant, even when it's not promoting a specific event?

David Meerman Scott


Thanks for noticing on my stories. I try REALLY hard to get new, fresh examples.

My best ideas are in my new book World Wide Rave that came out this week.


Organic SEO

David, Hello I really enjoy your posts, books and material.

This is a good example



This example of using social media to benefit an organization mirrors what you talk about in your book The New Rules of Marketing and PR. By utilizing the FREE tools and spending very litle on traditional forms of promotion and advertisments. Facebook is a phenomena that many businesses should use, but most times don't nor in the right way. It's important to plant a seed, like Andrew Peters did with the tatoo artistry group, and let it catch fire on it's own. I completely believe that word of mouth is sometimes the best form of advertisment.

gino carpio

Nice Blog Sir Andrew! Keep Spreading Resources on the Web!


Hi david, I really liked the event holding, actually I am doing a research on event marketing on social networks, may I have the chance to discuss with you little bit more?

Robert Wagner

Hi David, how are you. Good post. Any new books coming soon?

In case you know anyone Tattoo convention organizer you can forward them to me next time. I am representing Facebooks 2 largest Tattoo Pages on FB with over 2 million fans.




David Meerman Scott

Hi Robert - I will send a link to your comment to Andrew Peters.

Yes - the SECOND EDITION of The New Rules of Marketing and PR comes out January 2010. And I am working on another book to come out late 2010.


online personal fitness

Fantastic resource Dave. Look forward to your new book coming out late 2010.

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