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January 31, 2009


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Lisa Manyon


Thanks for the post and screen shots. I wondered what at all the buzz was about.

Happy Saturday & safe surfing.

Write on!~


Geno Prussakov

I saw it too.

Do you know how long it lasted?

Michael Lunsford

Thanks for the post. I saw the buzz but never saw the actual errors (and I was on pretty early this morning). Very amusing stuff. It'll probably make the news (if it hasn't already).

If someone doesn't get fired, they're certainly going to be very nervous for a while.

Bob Dobbs

It sounds like a hack. Probably by a team from Microsoft...

susan benford

hmmm. i can't find any info about who is (or isn't) claiming responsibility. any ideas?


I must say that youtube has been dead almoust for two days in Spain.
The strange thing is there is almoust no media coverage about this.

Jodi Kaplan

Apparently, it was human error. Someone mistakenly flagged all sites as dangerous, instead of just those that actually posed a threat.

More here:


Julie Roads

I admit it - I panicked for a few moments. Funny how we become so dependent on something to work ALL the time, eh?


The timing of this happening Saturday morning was hilarious, as I was writing a post on the Sex Pistols and I Googled them and all the sites had that warning. I actually think the band would have wanted it that way.


Lots and lots of people were discussing this so often but frankly i did scare when i noticed that the site i searched was on that label, But then again, a lot and a lot of people were keep saying this and at that time i was so relief that it wasn't only me. Thank god now it has been fixed


I want to know for how long it is listed? I was searching for that.

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