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January 26, 2009


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I think that this indeed a great way to connect with their audience.
However, I found their "Terms of Service" page very intimidating, and definitely not very friendly.

I'm also interested in seeing how Sharpie will deal with graffiti artists. Will they post their images/comments, or moderate at them out?


Graffiti artists are welcome to submit, with the caveat that they are not using their art in a negative or harmful way, or to deface property. In fact, coming soon is a post about a gallery in L.A. doing a Sharpie show featuring graffiti artists. Sharpie definitely supports graffiti as an artform, just not using it to hurt, harm or deface stuff.

Colin Clark

This is a great example of a company latching on to the existing online buzz (this is a good thing). If you're a company that has people already talking about you online, then you're unbelievably lucky! Join the party, make connections with your customers, and laugh all the way to the bank.


David - I LOVE Sharpie's. Even keep one in the car. They also have 'em so you can keep in on your key ring.

Sonia Simone | Remarkable Communication

It's probably not terribly good for me, but I have been known to draw mehndi tattoos on my feet with a brown sharpie. Sharpies FTW!

Cathleen Rittereiser

You can order personalized Sharpies too. I got some to give out to clients and friends over the holidays. I've been stingy with the link, but here it is.


Here's a picture of them

Glad to know there's more Sharpie obsessives out there.

Suzi Craig

I use Sharpies for wardrobe malfunctions -- particularly black Sharpies for black pants with bleach stains and my black suede boots that get all crudded up from these New England winters.

Next to lipstick Sharpies are a fashion diva's best pocket pal!

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