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January 23, 2009


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Nick Morgan

Great post. There's an article in the most recent New Yorker about the struggles studios go through -- and the vast amounts of money they spend -- to try to capture the (ever-shrinking) movie audience's attention. Basically, the problem is that there are more and more movies chasing fewer and fewer viewers.

Steven Woods

It's great to see the rethinking of business models in so many industries. What can be peeled off and given away to generate buzz, awareness, and excitement, and what remains core in order to generate revenue.

I suspect that when we look back on this decade, that fundamental rethinking of business models will be one of the biggest contributions to the economy. Whether it's a free service with advertising revenue or free music with revenue from a movie.

Interesting times, thanks for a great post.

Sarah Christine Bolton

Isn't there a fable about a monkey who stuck his hand into a narrow jar to grab a handful of food? And then he couldn't get his hand out and starved to death, stuck? If only he would have released the food in his hand, it would have fit out of the neck of the jar.

Hm, sometimes giving up control is the best (and only) way to "survive" or even thrive.

music video models

Thanks for this conference report/write-up.

Jody Nachtigal

Another great post.
I manage several established music acts, and a couple that are just starting to make some noise (or at least having their noise heard by the public). What Ryan is doing with this soundtrack is really smart. It is also really great for the bands. It's no surprise to me that he had so many submissions from bands. I would have jumped on this too. This is a great opportunity for them. It's a shame that so many major labels and publishers make it so difficult for the acts that they represent to get their music out there.
I'm going to check out some of the bands/songs right now. Keep up the good work.

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