Download the free 2009 Bad Usability Calendar

My good friend Steve Johnson points us to the 2009 Bad Usability Calendar from NetLife Research.

Download it for free with no registration required.

I just love this kind of marketing. This is not a typical sales oriented message. Nobody at NetLife Research is shouting "BUY MY PRODUCT." Instead the calendar is a funny and valuable one-pager that people share. It presents valuable information about Web site usability.

If I were looking for someone to help me with a usability issue, guess who I would go to now?

NetLife Research is a team of Oslo, Norway-based UX professionals who are deeply passionate about user experience. Last year, over 100,000 people downloaded the annual calendar. It is offered in several different languages and in various paper output modes, so it is a perfect way to trigger another World Wide Rave for NetLife Research this year.

How can you create something simple and clever that gets people to share your ideas and tell your stories? Your Challenge: How can you trigger your own World Wide Rave?

David Meerman Scott

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