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January 19, 2009


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David Spark

This is a great first step, and I've noticed the shifting of dollars from traditional to online and then to new media to be a trend that's been happening for a while. People make their decisions and get their information online.

Problem is Bev Thorne still talks like a marketer. If she's going to engage with the audience she's going to have to remove that lingo from his vernacular. Humans do not speak marketing speak online. It simply doesn't happen.

Also, Bev has fallen victim to what I call "The Social Media Fallacy" which is looking at the end game of social media, which are the distribution channels (e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube) and not the actual content she's going to be creating. See my 6 minute presentation, The Social Media Fallacy: http://www.sparkminute.com/?p=391

Eager to see what they

Kathleen Seide

It will be interesting to watch how they apply these changes. The behemoths take so long to change direction - like a massive cruise ship.

I just started a small real estate company and our plan is to stay nimble as we grow - small offices, targeted marketing budget, etc. To get the most out of my money we are planning to incorporate as many of these ideas as possible - a long road but fun!

Here is an idea we'll be using in the months to come - For home buyers considering building new, or wondering which resale home to buy - we'll start interviewing local builders on video. That way they can 'get to know' the builders and see the differences between them in a personal way. I think it will be a hit!

David Meerman Scott

Tracy and Matt, Having re-read the comments, I would agree that Tracy's comment was too off topic because of its length.

Nine long paragraphs about Second Life commenting on a blog post that wasn't about SL is too much. Therefore I have deleted Tracy's comment and Matt's too. Tracy, feel free to re-post an on-topic and appropriate length comment.

Thank you both for reading
David Meerman Scott

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