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December 04, 2008


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Leo Wurschmidt

The book sounds awesome! If it is anything like your previous books it will be a great read.

Just emailed my address to you. I live down in NC so not much in terms of fancy other country. But hey that just forces me to be a little more creative. :)



Interesting and creative way to spread knowledge about your book and encourage participation from your fans!


Roger C. Parker


You've already defined a new approach to publishing in your "New Rules," I'm sure you're about to do it again with World Wide Rave.

Best wishes on your continued success. Roger

 Byron Van Arsdale

First time to you blog and follow you on Twitter! Congrats on coining a new term and love your creativity. Thanks for the inspiration and look forward to reading your book.

Looks like it's going to be a Rave new world!!

Doug - love your design work!

Byron Van Arsdale

Ryan Beale


"The New Rules of Marketing and PR" and "Tuned In" are excellent books. I am looking forward to the release of World Wide Rave!



doug eymer

David ::

Thank you for the kind words (again!). You are a designer's dream client. You allow me to be creative, innovative and evolve as a visual communicator.

Everyone! Buy this book! Your brain will grow! You will make more money!

You will allow David and me to work on more cool projects!


Lisa McGrath

I was all ready to go buy it & read it this weekend. Alas, I will have to wait until March. Love the cover & can't wait for the book!

Ron Mlller

When David released his last book, The New Rules of Marketing and PR, he did something incredibly clever. He wrote a blog post as public thank you note to anyone who helped him (even peripherally) in putting the book together, then he linked to each person's blog.

What David did is start an avalanche of linking and relinking where people reprinted the list over and over. This was a couple of years ago, when social networking wasn't quite what it is now, but David already knew the power of the internet and used it to his advantage to promote his book.

He not only wrote advice about marketing in this fashion, he actually practiced what he was preaching in the book. Not surprisingly, the book became a best seller.

Now David has a new book and here we are again, and social networking has matured significantly and so David's approach has grown that much more sophisticated.

You are a clever guy, David, and you bring new meaning to walking the walk. I wish you all the best with your new book, but I know that you don't need luck. I'm quite sure it will be a smash because you know this stuff cold.

Ron Miller
By Ron Miller Blog

David Meerman Scott

Thanks, all, for your kind support. I'm really jazzed about this book. But it is like having a baby - you gotta wait 9 months!!

Ron, Wow. Thank you for such kind words.

Yes, you've nailed it. Back in 2007 when I released "The New Rules of Marketing & PR" I had a challenge to myself - how to market the book using the techniques that I wrote about in the book. The blog link strategy worked amazingly well and the book is now in the eleventh printing in hardcover, is out in paperback and is translated into 20 languages.

Now with a new book about how ideas spread online, I need to try to generate a World Wide Rave of my own. Not easy! But I'm using the techniques I write about in the book.

Take care, David

Jared Young

David, I loved "New Rules" and look forward to reading and blogging about World Wide Rave, as well.

What I really love, though, is that you practice what you preach... even in promoting your books. You continue to prove that your ideas work by using them yourself. I have tremendous respect for that.

Thanks for all you do... looking forward to WWR!

Michael A. Stelzner


Another brilliant "social proof" marketing move! I love it.


Laura Ahlbin

but what if your core audience isn't super tech savvy and they are not web 2.0 geeks? Can you still create a world wide rave using this book?

David Meerman Scott

Laura, Of course!! I do not write for Web 2.0 geeks, I write for marketers and entrepreneurs who want to reach their buyers online.

Take a look at any of the posts on this blog or take a look at the reviews on Amazon for my previous book "The New Rules of Marketing & PR".



Not having a dust cover on your next book is brilliant. I am currently in the middle of reading your book, the new rules, and its dust cover is sitting in a different country (England, I am in Egypt). I find them very annoying to handle and unless I store them somewhere I always end up damaging them somehow.

I bought your book to help me spread the word about a new travel Web 2.0 website that I am soon launching with friends (would like to tell you about it but don't want to be spamming). I find the content very useful but the trick is in the implementation. Hope I can manage.

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I like your book, I have a copy now. thanks for the post.



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