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Posted by David Meerman Scott 12:31 AM on December 31, 2008

Regular readers of this blog know that I am a fan of ebooks as a great way to deliver information. When I find one that I like that is in a new market, I love to share with you. Sometimes what people write ebooks about are downright surprising – that's often what makes them work.


Max Trescott just released Learn to Fly, an ebook that is the perfect format for getting information out to people about a process—Learning to fly an airplane—which is non-trivial and often unclear to people.

Download Learn to Fly: Live your Dream and Get a Pilot's License! here

Sharing your passion with the world


Max began learning to fly at age 15 and became a part-time flight instructor while working at HP. In 2004, he left HP to found Glass Cockpit Publishing, a publisher of aviation training materials, so the eBook format nicely complements his more traditional products. And it does a great job in introducing people to his work. His passion is preserving and growing general aviation in the U.S. so that it remains available for future generations. He is the President of the SiliconValleyGA, which protects and promotes General Aviation in California's Silicon Valley and he is the "2008 National Certificated Flight Instructor of the Year."

Max told me that he came up with the idea of doing a blog a year ago while "stuck" in Jackson Hole waiting for an airplane to be repaired. (Hey I can relate, I do my best reading in airports! But in my case it is while waiting for commercial planes). It was a fortunate wait for Max because the ideas inspired him to start a blog as a vehicle for raising his profile.

Have you wanted to learn how to fly? I took a few lessons on college and would probably have kept going through to getting my license if I had enough money at the time. Now that I do have the financial resources, my wife won't let me. Too bad. But if you do, check out the blog and ebook that Max has published.

Better yet, if you’re in professional services, you can learn from what Max has done.

Why don't YOU start a blog or write an ebook? It will make your business soar. 2009 is the year to take off and fly in your market. (Sorry for the bad jokes).

David Meerman Scott

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