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November 19, 2008


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Great post as always David. Here's a thought- last night I attended a presentation on how using new/social media in a job search is only really relevant to people looking for "tech" jobs. I'm wondering what you think about that.

Ari Herzog

Whoa, people still write resumes?

I stopped updating my resume over the summer -- and focused on LinkedIn and VisualCV. Then again, for someone immersed in social media, it's nonsensical to go paper.

Dana Lookadoo

I'm thrilled to read this post about David's job search. We are "friends" on Twitter and have occasional conversation. Somehow, I feel connected to his quest and success, and I'm sure others do as well.

Twitter is a broader search platform than the search engines, and David is now a case study for job placement. This shows the power of conversation on Twitter, something which personalized and behavioral search has yet to attain.

Great write-up. Congrats, Dave!

Todd Lucier (@toddles)

A really inspiring story. What I particularly love is how instantaneously Twitter can bring good stuff your way. These new media tools are begging us to find ways to use them. Thankfully some clever people are thoughtleaders not because of their great ideas but because they spot gamechanging ways people are using technologies and shine a light on those stories. Thanks. Sharing the credit where it's due is another wonderful trend I've noticed on Twitter.

Alecia O'Brien

Twitter is too good!
Not only is it great for personal networking, but as a company, it's a great resource for:
a) prospecting (within reason), and
b) getting recommendations from network friends on suppliers
... Off to follow @DaveMurr now.

Jenni Hilton

Great post, David. I think Twitter is like great big secret. Those of us lucky enough to know about it are making valuable connections and gaining insight from peers on all things about life and careers that would not happen otherwise.

The applications for its use are endless. It helped me find gas in Atlanta during the shortage. It helped people communicate during Hurricane Ike. This post is yet another compelling reason why people should use Twitter.



I wasn't expecting a front page cover!! Thanks David, seriously, that is very kind of you. I hope my story helps people land work- like it did for me....

"Some people might argue that this technique only works to find jobs related to social media and online marketing"

This would seem the case. At first glance...

My wife, who is a graphic designer and looking for work, started using the same Twitter "trick".

At first the incoming feeds weren't nearly as strong or as many.

(this was an initial surprise for me - as I though Graphic Designers would be all over Twitter)

Gradually, however, we have noticed an increase and more opportunities.

As Twitter becomes more recognized and Social Media more mainstream (if it isn't already) This could very much be the way people find employment or opportunities in general.

It would be interesting to see how many different niches are now utilizing Twitter for this purpose.

Again thanks David! And thanks to all my new followers, I'll respond soon!!

Dan Schawbel

Just a quick note here about LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is an electronic resume, as well as a references document and cover letter, all in one. The difference between a paper resume and a LinkedIn "profile" resume is:

1) One can be easily edited and shared electronically

2) People can search for it

3) Your network can support it with ease

Jacob from JobMob

Great success story and I'm happy for Dave.

Stumbled this:

I recently blogged a quick guide on finding jobs with Twitter (http://tr.im/jobtwitter) so I'm looking forward to seeing more and more stories like Dave's.

Jen Harris

I too found my job after being laid off. As soon as I was notified, I started Twittering...and blogging.
I was using TwitPic, #twemes & my blog to get my job story out there and I actually landed a one night gig as a Twitter correspondent on election night!
I already had relationships built with-in Twitter & once people knew I was available (& yes I am a social media marketer) I got one job offer an hour after the pink slip arrived & started my current job 3 weeks later.
Social Media & Twitter in particular, is what you make it. Think of it as a constant networking event where you can have 10+ conversations going on at once - such a time saver!
It is critical to meet people in person (TweetUps etc) but by the time you get face:face, you will get to cut through the chit chat & get down to business.
Good Luck.

Lindsay Olson

Great article and another reason people should be on Twitter.

Liz questioned Twitter being a place to only find tech jobs, but I find it expands outside of tech. The Twitter community of PR and communications professionals (my recruiting speciality) is huge! And as more HR reps and recruiters start using Twitter, I think we'll see an explosion of jobs in many industries available by simply using Twitter Search or TweetBeep for updates.


Very interesting

Henry Bruce

Great post and case study David. The old vs new analogy you made in your post earlier in the week is spot on for job search as well as marketing in general. Since the new way is THE way, job searchers only enhance their credibility and status by using the very tools and tactics that the leading edge companies are employing. I have not given Twitter a chance yet, but will soon. Let's face it, if you are blogging and into social media, you only want to work somewhere that the company is adopting the new rules and the management team buys into the value. I really don't think that Dave's story only applies to high tech firms and online/internet oriented jobs. Companies that are building community and using the new rules to drive their client acquisition/retention strategies want ALL their employees to be on board. Dave's approach really helped qualify in or out the real opportunities he wanted (or not). Also saved everyone a lot of time and money to find the most qualified candidates. Bravo.


Great post! I work as a recruiter in Boston for Hollister (www.hollisterstaff.com/?=451) and have started to encourage all of my clients to get on Twitter and use it as a networking tool. It is amazing what it can do! Thanks for sharing the story.


I stumbled your post. Very inspiring. Being in the job hunt mode I will definitely utilize your tips and suggestions. Thanks.


I actually found my dream job through Twitter and I wasn't even looking. In fact, it *found* me! A great situation to be in.

Tobias Singer

Thanks for sharing that story! Might be helpful for my job hunt too. If Twitter was only more commonly used in Germany...

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well i must say your really have a good way of presenting things .


I actually found my job via Twitter too. Before I even updated my resume (after being laid off as well), I tweeted that I was looking for a job in product management and immediately I got responses, one of which was from someone I had never spoken to or met (or was even following!) and she referred me to the man who is now my boss. :-)

Job Seer

twitter your way to a job? very cool!

Jeff Paul Internet Millions

I think Twitter is like great big secret. Those of us lucky enough to know about it are making valuable connections and gaining insight from peers on all things about life and careers that would not happen otherwise.

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Chris Perry

This is a coup for the effectiveness of social media in one's career search.

Just because you are on social media networks or professional networking sites does not mean that you will be found and given opportunities. You have to be creative like David and take advantage of these tools to identify opportunities and/or the contacts to guide you to those opportunities.

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Interesting!! I heard about the twitter crash last night! Crazy!!

Jobs in Nigeria

Twitter is becoming more popular these days, I never knew it could be used for Job hunting, thanks for sharing this great tips

Büyü Yapmak

Twitter is becoming more popular these days, I never knew it could be used for Job hunting, thanks for sharing this great tips


Awesome submit. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.


Social Network has come to stay. You either belong or you lose out.


Because for all our technology, the best way to land a job is still by having someone who already works at a company mention your name. Each year, the staffing consultancy CareerXroads surveys large firms about where they find new hires, and since at least 2005 the top spot has held steady: some 27% come from referrals.

Jobcentre Nigeria

Having read this I believed it was extremely enlightening. I appreciate you spending some time and energy to put this informative article on how David Murray found a new job via Twitter . I once again find myself spending a lot of time both reading and leaving comments.

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