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October 02, 2008


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I took some time recently to listen to a great social media marketing podcast by David Meerman Scott, Paul Gillin and Mike Lewis. The idea that I found really intriguing, particularly from a small business marketing perspective, was "brand journalism".... [Read More]


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Craig Wilson

Wish I could be there. Going to SXSW in March though.

Looking forward to your AoC2 chapter.

Lindsay Willott

David, I'm a fan of your New Rules book, and Chairman of a B2B marketing company that undertakes many of the methods you favour.

I completely agree that content is the key to interesting and successful marketing. This is especially true in B2B, where products and services can be very complex and have a long sales cycle. You need to keep people enthused and engaged for months at a time.

I have found myself wondering since reading your book, whether B2B companies are (or have been) in some ways ahead of B2C companies as regards the "New Rules". Journalistic content, white papers, ebooks and how-to guides have formed part of the B2B marketer's toolbag for a while now, whilst many of the big B2C brands focused on centralised command and control style branding and advertising.

Perhaps it's time for a change - perhaps the old accepted wisdom that B2B is somehow behind B2C in its marketing sophistication needs to be debunked!

Casey Simon

I was really interested in this post as I am taking a Social Media class this quarter as a PR student. In this class we're using both your book "New Rules of Marketing & PR," and Gillin's "New Influencers." I like the way you worded the new marketing as journalism rather than advertising. Besides the fact that the word 'advertising' can sometimes have a negative connotation, especially to the consumer, journalism implies that we're really doing marketing FOR the people instead of just AT the people. The way we reach audiences has changed to a more personal level, so I like that you have assigned a new title to compliment the transition!

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