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October 13, 2008


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Siobhan Bulfin

Hey David
I share the same frustrations at getting the organisations I work for in New Zealand to embrace social media and interactive marketing-despite the huge sums of money they spend on traditional marketing with little return. Here at the New Marketing Summit in Boston learning how to deal with all that! great stuff.
Siobhan Bulfin

Ricardo Bueno

"I still don’t see EMC at the top of these results…"

Just goes to show that "listening" is a big part of the process that can't be overlooked! What are consumers talking about? What are they looking for?

In fact, it's not only a part of the process, it's the first step (or at least it should be). Don't you think?


Your website is so informative and your book (New Rules of Marketing and PR) is great. In fact its sitting right next to me and i plan on finishing it up today. I've worked in the typical PR firm where there was no use of social media for clients. Employees buzzed around like little worker bees and for what? they were utilizing the old ideas that you speak of when they could have been using that great energy to accomplish so much more! I however, am glad i've taken it upon myself to utilize and study these new rules and not fall into their habits. Thank you!

David Meerman Scott

Hi Erika, Glad the book has been helpful for you. And an added bonus is that this sort of marketing makes work more fun too.

Bruce Lewis


I am on a plane trying to learn more about using social media and saw the Century 21 post. You'll make the PR guy look like a genius.

Me and My colleagues have just purchased 7 of your books and are plowing through it. I don't have mine with me (gave it to a client at a trade show yesterda) so decided to check out your website. I'm wondering if you might have suggestions for how I can help the City of Fort Bragg, California draw people to the city to see redwoods. Two members of the city promotion committee have finished ready the book. I'm a 60-year-old PR guy trying not to fall into the LaBrea tar pits of old rules PR. I have to get social media smart fast and figure out the best approach for building FortBragg.com content to attract peple to our redwoods. Ideas you might share?

David Meerman Scott

Bruce - glad you are making use of my stuff. I would focus on video -- man, you could do some great ones there! David

Walter Adamson

Hi David, I wrote more recently on EMC "How with just 3 Asks EMC encourages staff to embrace Facebook for business" which builds on your comments about how they encourage staff, and minimize the friction for those staff who are enthusiastic to be in the social media.


Like others, I'm also enjoying the latest release of your book.

Walter Adamson @g2m

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