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October 20, 2008


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Ron Miller

Another good post David, but what's valuable is in the eye of the beholder. If you take a good look, this email announcing the new planes is really no different than the ones offering you a special price. It just happens to interest you more.

It's no more or less valuable because it's more valuable to you personally. It simply means more to you.

In fact, someone who travels as much as you do may be looking for a combination of factors including price, comfort and so forth.

I travel a lot less than you, but if I get a chance to take one of these planes, it's of course a no-brainer, so long as it doesn't cost substantially more to do so.

Ron Miller
By Ron Miller


We don't read these emails anymore as they are just advertising for things in most cases aren't applicable to your case (as with most loyalty programs).
However if companies would start bringing information that is valuable then we might start reading them again.

PS: lighter weight not equals more comfort in the air. Maybe an A380 filght will be more smoothly because of the weight.


I have opted out of a lot of newsletters from companies because I felt there was no value in the emails they were sending me. I agree more emails should be targeted to the different buyer personas out there for a product or service. I think in the future you will start seeing smarter email campaigns from larger companies.

Michael Ray Hopkin

I tend to keep the newsletters and other "opt-in" emails coming mostly to keep a pulse on what's happening, and for that rare occasion when they send something inspiring or otherwise worth reading. This morning one of them sent the following quote by
Harry Browne: "When you know that you're capable of dealing with whatever comes, you have the only security the world has to offer." I thought that was quite fitting for today's climate. -Michael

Deb Kolaras

You raise a great point and illustrate why I think permission -based email marketing is being abused: many businesses use this platform for propagating their business,and not for a dialog to engage the customer. It's such an opportunity, but it's regularly missed. I can't recall the ratio, but it was something like "discuss your wants only once and the clients needs the rest of the time." Sadly, most pieces I receive are nothing close to this model.

Vicente Arancon

The idea of registering and/or subscribing to a mailing list is basically to receive information about a certain product or service, so I agree with David's post. Most people want to receive relevant information about a certain company that could really make me feel better informed instead of being attacked with pure advertising.

Duncan B

150,000 miles per year - are you joking?

A serious look at what you're doing to the environment is needed.

Obviously not versed on green marketing or the simple facts of what
the aviation industry is doing to our environment. Unbelievable.


well if people are using this space to make anti-aircraft comments i can't do worse. how about this one: i just got a very fancy full-color cutout postcard from my insurance company, informing me that i have paying them a grand a year for 20 years and "call us if we can sell you something else." i was tempted to go elsewhere for my insurance (if i wasn't so lazy), their self absorption was so offensive. how about a free dinner coupon, or something? idiots!

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CatePRLady (Twitter)

You bring up a great point!

"I'm amazed at how often companies send press releases to the media but fail to inform their customers of important news."

Like most people, I sign up for newsletters because I want to be informed, but instead I get spammed with junk mail, making me wish I never signed up in the first place.

American Airlines served their core customer by letting you in on their new features before the public. This makes you feel a part of their community and not just another frequent flyer.

I wish other companies would take note.

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