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October 08, 2008


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peter caputa

Sounds like their organization needs a lesson in DIY SEO. ahem. ahem.

Scott Clark

If you turn personalized search off, you'll find that you have the 4th organic listing (at least on the data centers I'm hitting at Google.)

This also demonstrates how freshness matters, what a strong page rank offers, as well as how Google rates one page at a time rather than an entire site in aggregate.

It also demonstrates how much of a risk one blogger could pose and shows the importance of the emerging Online Reputation Management field.

You could have easily posted a highly negative post about Century 21 - and encouraged comments from others. The post would be protected by free speech.

To dislodge your blog would take a monumental effort from C21 - and might backfire (e.g. Streisand Effect.)

Sadly, the demonstration would fall on deaf ears at most fortune 1000 companies until such a crisis appears. Press releases are still being pasted into "blogs" and engagement (two way) is almost non-existent among the thought leaders in these businesses.

Still, I'm an optimist SEO. I see movement and it thrills me.

Perhaps some day we'll see authentic, share-worthy conversation coming from these companies - and they the rewards that come from such efforts.

Jay Thompson

Scott - *great* point on Reputation Management. It can take years to build a reputation, and seconds to destroy it.

The fact that David's post vaulted to page 1 placement does say a lot about the SEO power of a blog.

But it says more about the lack of a true web presence by (apparently) the vast majority of C21 brokerages. There should be dozens, if not hundreds of C21 blog and web sites firmly entrenched in the Google SERPs. Shouldn't there?

John P. Kreiss

David - Congratulations on helping Century 21 get to the top page on the search engines.

It was fast and a lot less expensive than television advertising.

John P. Kreiss

Tribute Bands

Hi Scott

It boggles the mind about what can be achieved in a ridiculously short period of time...6th position on Google in 2 days...WOW!

I've read your book 'New Rules of Marketing and PR' twice. I've highlighted loads of things, written notes in the margins and even folded the corners back of some pages. This book is a must read!

I've nearly finished reading another great book by Paul Gillin 'The New Influencers' and guess what? You're mentioned in it too...spooky or what!

I know that you've collaborated on a new book with Paul Gillin that will be released soon, I've back ordered it on Amazon already so I'll be one of your first customers. Information like this is priceless!

I've implemented some of the things I've learned and it is already having an impact on my search engine rankings. It's a beautiful thing to see and it's bringing in results!

I must take my hat off to Century 21 for keeping an open mind about social media and the new rules of marketing, they must be very impressed by what you have be able to achieve in 2 days.

John O'Hara
United Kingdom

David Meerman Scott

Hi John,

Thanks for reading my book (twice). Yes. Paul Gillin's books are good, however I did not collaborate with him. I did offer a pre-publication endorsement for both of his books, but I had nothing to do with writing them. It's all Paul.

Cheers, David

Maine Realtor

The words constantly change, and you have done a great job of taking advantage of the rating system that is in place now. It is now small feat to get to the top of the listings!

Ricardo Bueno

Just goes to show ya...a website is nice. If you have no other online presence, it's a start. But a blog can serve as your online website/bio just the same AND it's SEO friendly!

SEO Services

Nice Post. Thanks for sharing this information with us.

Jennifer Barthe

Century 21 should do a bit more with their YouTube Channel because it's very boring. They only have 12 videos uploaded and they are making me fall asleep. The videos are about random open houses posted 5-7 months ago.

I'm under 30 and want to purchase my first home, but I don't know a lot about the process. It would be great if Century 21 had videos on how to choose a Realtor to purchase your first home.

My 2 cents :)


This is a great testimony to the power of the blog! I'm glad I've been following this - I have already sent the previous post (the Top 10 list) to a good friend who is a C21 agent - interestingly I didn't hear any response, so perhaps it's falling on deaf ears.

I wonder if this will trickle down through C21? You might have just landed yourself a gig at their next corporate function!

David Meerman Scott

Jennifer - EXACTLY! Century 21 should be educating people like you!

Randy - Interestingly, I'm speaking at the big annual Realtors shindig in Orlando next month. 25,000 people go to this event. Guess what my presentation opening will be about? http://www.realtor.org/convention.nsf/


Los Angeles seo agency

Wow thats amazingly great! Congratulations to century 21 real estate,


Joy Rogers

Great Blog David!! I'm showing my local C21 the internet marketing & networking strategies to boost listings & sales, your blog has taught me so much to share with them! I'm also in training to become a C21 Realtor! Thanks! Signing them up on Facebook right now! http://www.youtube.com/lakeeufaulaproperty

davao city

I’ve found that sometimes a good visual can make all the difference to a blog post, so I’m always sure to include at least one. They brighten the place up a little too.

Pure Digital

It boggles the mind about what can be achieved in a ridiculously short period of time...6th position on Google in 2 days...WOW!

 Long Island Masonry

Can a real estate broker and a lawyer start a real estate company together?


Congratulations on helping Century 21 get to the top page on the search engines.Your article is much more informatics for all of the visitor.

Concrete Floor Man

Indeed, congratulations! Honestly, I'm surprised it's gotten so many hits; even though even I, a backwater country boy, have heard of Century 21, to find it so popular on the net as well reminds me that it's a small world after all.


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Douglas Kramer

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Arti Nama

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Mortgage Note Buyers

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