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September 22, 2008


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Being a recent college grad I have a lot of respect for them taking a great idea and making it happen. There were times in college I may have had an idea but lacked the skills or know how to start it and I applaud them for their efforts. Having completed multiple internships myself this would have been a useful tool to have. Most internships are really resume builders, not necessarily skills builders so this is great for college kids to use. Like them I am utilizing your tips I have read in your book and agree that it's the best starting point to gain viral marketing without having the budget.



Nice story. I wish I was as clear about the marketing execution for my start up.


This is great stuff, David. BU is a great communications school and is very plugged in. I wonder if it would be more difficult to launch the same service at some college in, say, Idaho.

Geography shouldn't make a difference, but does it?

David Meerman Scott

Ari, Small point but worth mentioning. The company was launched privately by the Gigi girls. You saud launch "...at some college..." which sort of implied the college had something to do with it.

But your point is still valid, when you are around dynamic and interesting people, it may be easier to think of and then have the guts to launch something.


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