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July 15, 2008


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Enjoyed the phone call on DTM Coaching Excellence Series.

I'm half-way through Tuned In and enjoying it very much. I loved the hotel example you mentioned on the call today. No more "We have the fluffiest pillows in town" ads!!! Let's talk about the hotel can do for potential guests (personas).


Joel Halse

On the topic of your book, specifically the chosen title 'new rules', here's an interesting post that may provide a methodology for measuring some of the impact online marketing is having on business.

Mcafee's focus is on the impact of IT. I suspect there is a direct link between IT and changes to marketing, and his results indicate that a rules change happened somewhere the mid 90s which lead to a dramatic increase in profit variation.

What I find really interesting is their focus on rules. While it lends credibility to the notion that a change in the rules can trigger a large variation in results, it also suggests that we are likely to see these significant edge cases (huge successes and failures) reduce over time unless further significant change is yet to come.


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