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July 18, 2008


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Justin Levy

While I haven't written an ebook, I think they are a great medium to spread information. Also, it helps to diversify the information offerings of the person or company.

Even if I don't access every form of media available on a particular site, I think I'm more attracted to a site that displays various forms of media ranging from ebooks, audio, video, podcasts, etc. I enjoy this because it offers the visitor many different ways to interact with that person or company's ideas. Every one learns differently and multi-dimensional sites/blogs allow the visitor to choose the best medium for them.

As I continue to grow my blog I hope to begin involving different media formats.

-Justin Levy


Do you think there is a page limit (max) for an e-book? Does it depend on your market? Or other factors? I love your Viral e-book - love the layout of it. It's easy on the eyes and a "quick" read. Is that the point of e-books? Or can it be 25 pages of text with nothing but the producers logo on the front page?

Bill Gammell

@ David - I thought you weren't going to give away this secret!

@ Marketing Twins - I am not sure of David's opinion but I think the length may not matter as much as valuable, relevant and engagement content. I still hold on to Seth Godin's 196 page "Unleashing the Ideavirus" and other eBooks that are only 10 pages or less.

Matthew Scott


Great post, but I think others have failed to acknowledge the most important aspect of this ebook.

I am pretty sure I will be on the virtual bad-list for saying that the lady avitar on the cookbook is smokin hot, as far as imaginary women wearing aprons in an imaginary kitchen goes...


Cedrick Reese

This is a great post. I have several ebooks that I would like to give away in order to promote some of my sites. Are there any sites where you can upload these reports for people to download freely?

John P. Kreiss



Using free ebooks to share your ideas to prospective clients and provide this information is a great recommendation.

As recruiters for construction and real estate companies, we’ve long advocated providing information of value to prospective clients free of charge.

Our newsletter, for example, is read by thousands. It does not talk about us, however. It’s designed to provide articles around topics that we feel would be of interest to leaders of construction and real estate companies.

Your ebooks, however, takes this concept to a different level. Thanks for sharing.

John P. Kreiss
President & CEO
MorganSullivan, Inc.

David Meerman Scott

Thanks for your comments!

Matthew > Holy cow. You're right. I knew there was something there, but you nailed it...

Cedrick > Best way is if you have a great ebook, post it on your site or blog and then tell people about it. If it is good, bloggers will spread the word (like I am doing here).

Bill & MarketingTwins-Randy - Keep in mind that "pages" and "word count" are different than in a white paper or other marketing content. I am a fan of 20-30 page ebooks. Give solid information but finish before people get bored. However, a 20 page ebook, would be just 4 or 5 pages if it were a dense white paper, so it is not a lot of text.


Matt Gentile


One effective way to share ideas, in addition to e-books is to comment on informative blogs like this one. One selfish reason I'm writing today is to offer your readers a glimpse at what my work day is like as our local FPRA chapter has a "30 Days of Blogging" excercise going on now and I've attempted to capture what my day in the life of a PR and Communication Manager is like.

Also, just to note, I am leaving my cushy job here in Sarasota (so if anyone out there is interested) read the following post which describes my day "Living the Dream" in all of its glory. http://cwcfprablog.typepad.com/weblog/2008/07/living-the-dream---corporate-pr-and-communication-management.html

I'm moving on up...to New Jersey to take on Director of C21 PR and Brand Communication. New challenges, very exciting.

Terri Seymour

I have also written several ebooks, free and paid, and they are a remarkable marketing tool. My whole business is based on eboooks and it amazes me how versatile they really are.

Definitely consider using ebooks in your marketing tactics!

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