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June 15, 2008


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much like the "polish a terd" theory... shine all you want... it's still a terd.

Jay Ehret

The companies asking you for SEO advice would be examples of "tuned out" companies.

It is amazing what consistently good content, that resonates with readers, will do for your search engine rankings. My blog receives 52% of its traffic from Google searches.

The new location, location, location on the web is Google. And the prime location is determined by content, content, content.

David Meerman Scott

Jay, you're right on huge amount of Google traffic. I am consistently getting 300-500 hits a day on this blog from Google searches. David

bruce colthart

If there's an award for the best-written blog post title, this should surely be a nominee. The post doesn't even need to be read to be understood, appreciated and sticky. Just brilliant.

Oh, and I haven't read it yet (I will) but I just had to dash off this comment while the big smile was still on my face.

Mike Sigers

Great post, David.

Content rules !

Content with a unique personality rules even more.

Content with a unique personality delivered the way the audience wants to receive it is the ultimate.

Danny Gardner

Content is the hardest thing to come up with, because it actually has to be relevant and takes a lot of research and work. Our web site definately saw an increase in conversions after we released our first significant study with MIT, and have seen another boost recently due to an in-depth whitepaper with one of our target verticals. Good Stuff.

John P. Kreiss

Great criticism on "crappy" sites. Buyers will visit a particular web site to see what that product or service can do for "them."

Better to avoid the "egotistical" writing and focus on what the "buyers" want.

John P. Kreiss
President & CEO
MorganSullivan, Inc.


Hi. David,

I like your idea of writing a eBook to drive traffic and did so recently. My eBook get me 10 visitors a day from www.free-ebooks.net. Can you suggest some other sites that I should submit my eBook? or should I just wait?
Most other sites that accept eBooks are small and disappoiting.

Lisa Banks

As an SEO company, content is one of the first things we address. Once you have solid, relevant content, there are around 100 other things that can be done to optimize a site. (One of the biggest problems that can exist even for great content is when the site structure prohibits indexing by the search engines.) David, your great content helps you build inbound links naturally, too, while the structure of blogs naturally makes it easily indexed. You've found a great way for meeting and interacting with your audiences!But, seriously, optimizing a site without good content just doesn't make sense from a business standpoint - you might increase traffic, but they still won't buy what you're selling!

David Meerman Scott

Right on! Thanks for all the comments. Content rules. And if it is great, the search engines will reward you.


Beth Hayden

Bravo, David! When I teach my blogging classes, my students always look at me funny when I tell them that great content is the best (and most consistent) way to boost search engine rankings. One woman actually said, "No meta tags? No trickery?" and when I said, "Nope," she actually looked a little hurt. It's okay, though - she'll get it!


English isn't my first language, but still. This bit seems a bit garbled:
[People say they just want to an agency to "tweak our existing Web pages."]


Michelle Bartrum at the U.S. Mint Store could be a case study for the new rules. The first step to a good site is know the audience and then build content of interest to them. This is especially the case at the U.S. Mint kids site for building long term interest in coin collecting.

Dee Rambeau

Ahhh David you're rubbing it in about "online media room" results. :)

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Shortcuts to Millions

Black hat SEO attempts to improve rankings in ways that are disapproved of by the search engines, or involve deception. One technique is to make color combination similar to the background .

SEO company India

Very well written by quoting your own experience as examples. There is no doubt that "Content is King" and it plays a major role in search engine rankings. When a content on a site is unique, fresh and appeals to be more beneficial for the readers visiting them, then even a new site can rank at the top.
Nice sharing and keep posting.

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Correct. Always remember to make the pages for the users FIRST, never the search engines as the main target. Search algorithms change from time to time but they will always aim to retrieve quality content above anything else.

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Articles is the challenging factor to come up with, because it actually has to be appropriate and requires a lot of analysis and perform. Our web page most definately saw a rise in alterations after we launched our first considerable analysis with MIT, and have seen another improve lately due to an in-depth whitepaper with one of our focus on verticals. Excellent Products.

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SEO can only get you so far, especially with Google's new emphasis on social sharing. Content is definitely still king.

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