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June 04, 2008


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Great post, David. I certainly echo Meredith's thoughts, especially the excitement that comes from connecting with people without all the PR hype. You have also inspired us to take that giant leap away from 'tradition' and not be afraid to share our 'real voice.' It is so much more gratifying to share our stories when we're free to do so with the passion they deserve.

David Meerman Scott

Thank you Kristi, I really appreciate your comment. David

Marcelo Lewin

Great post and great book David. I'm a big believer of your book and have implemented many concepts on my site PixelHeadsNetwork.com. The Meredith Brooks interview was a blast and she turned me on to you and since then, I've been reading your book and learned so much! Thanks again! New media rules!

Marketing sussex

Interesting subject

Matthew Scott

David, I can't wait to buy book.

Whenever a smokin' hot woman and super talented artist provides guidance such as, "old school is going to deflate and the wave to catch is new media" I listen!


Charlie Fields, RKC

How awesome!!

"Bitch" is one of my favorite songs ever even though it got me in trouble in high school!!

Thank god it's Karaoke Thursday!

Social Network Web Design

nice post... i think i should buy the book hope it can help me too =)
by the way i love the bitch song =P

Eigil Rosager Poulsen

My company needed a new way to work. What we used to do didn't really work for anyone. Your book has been a real eye opener to me, and we have changed a number of our strategies based on your advises. It makes a great difference. It is much more fun. The world is more interested. And the feeling is simply better and more to the heart of who we are.

Looking forward to your new book, which sounds like the perfect follow up for our company.

Ann Weathers

David awesome post. I have not read your book but after reading your post and seeing that "Meredith Brooks" is behind it, I will be sure to pick up a copy.


Emily Williams

I'm just beginning the book and so far finding it very useful. I love that a community manager (me) and a famous singer can share the same tips for success! Clearly the new rules really are based on a trend within the public that is the same across all industries. Looking forward to the rest of the book.

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I am going to look into your book.

recording artist school

Good post! I think this book will help me. I must purchase.

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