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May 11, 2008


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» In search of simple, meaningful marketing from Buyer Persona Blog
I found this quote on David Meerman Scott’s blog a few weeks ago: “Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.” The quote isn’t David’s – he was talking about one of John Maeda’s Ten Laws of Simplicity. [Read More]


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Jane Quigley

Thanks for posting this - I bought the book before I finished. Sounds like an interesting session, will have to look online and see if anyone taped it.

John Atkinson

Interesting post David - I will be ordering John's book!

C. Edward Brice

Great post, great speaker. My old mentor always said that good marketing is about making the complex simple and that is ever so hard to do.


I just put out in twitter how my head hurts after reading so much stuff day in and day out as part of my work. I thought not many people in work nor anywhere else consider this as 'real' work nor appreciate its importance. Now I know the culprit for the headache.

Hacking through the Gobbledygook. John Maeda and your post just doused me with the refresh button.


Social Network Web Design

Less is more.

"Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful."

After reading this, I definitely want to read all of John's book. Thanks for sharing. :)

Dr. Paul

Most of our lives are filled with "stuff" that is largely irrelevant to the most meaningful content. We try to polish up the "stuff" with garnishes or adornment. A friend of mine commented once that a lacquered cow pie is still a cow pie. Simplicity, yes - and getting to the core of the value without the fluff. Thanks David for introducing this resource - and thanks again for the interview!



Thanks for posting this! I will buy John's book & check it out. I agree with the concept of simplicity. But it is hard for me to put it into practice!


thanks a lot,very good

MySpace Design

Love it! Can't wait to get the book.

Social Network web design

i agree, it is a challenge to sift through the HUGE amount of data and process in a meaningful way and actually use.


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