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May 21, 2008


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Rui Delgado

I knew it was matter of time that this incredible book would expand to other languages and cultures. And, I have to tell that I am surprised that any publisher is not interested to release a spanish translation of the book.

Congratulations for these incredible news!!!

David Meerman Scott

Thanks Rui. Yes, I am surprised that Spanish, German and French languages have not been snapped up. Strange...

The other day, I asked my publisher: "Hey, where's French and German?"

His helpful answer: "In France and Germany!"

Go figure...

Linas Simonis, PositioningStrategy

I can assure that it works even in such small country like Lithuania (less than 3.5 million citizens). So country size does not matter for these rules.

What matters is only the number of people connected to internet. But today I can't imagine a country without internet, except maybe South Korea or other fourth-world country.

David Meerman Scott

Thanks Linas - You're proof. You've become famous in your country through your blog. Thanks for the comment.

South Korea is very plugged in and my book is coming in Korean. I'm sure you meant to say "North Korea."

Linas Simonis, PositioningStrategy

Oh sorry, sure North Korea!

Anderson Lima

Hi David,

That is definitely great news. Any distributor in Brazil already? I would love to be able to send the link to friends and associates over there. I think it would be great to have your book over there too, since it's not only a insightful material, it really works!!! Please let me know so I can contact some of my folks and help promoting it.

David Meerman Scott

Hi Anderson,

Yes! The version in Portuguese for the Brazil market will be published by Elsevier Editora, Ltda. I do not have any information about the publication date.

I am not sure if the English version is available in Brazil, but my guess would be yes.

Thanks for sharing!

Nate Nead

You're absolutely right. The internet has not only leveled the playing field in terms of usability by also scalability. Great post.

Dianna Huff

You know what is cool? The fact that people actually read your book and then take action.

I love talking to new clients who preface the conversation with, "We read this book . . . ."

Anderson Lima

Thank you David!

I will get in touch direct with them to find more about it. Great news!!


I would think with globalization and how interconnected our world is, smart marketing and PR professionals would recognize that the "new rules" apply across the globe. Because of new/social media and web 2.0 we are all the more interconnected. We can use the "new rules" to reach and connect with more companies, organizations, consumers, clients, stakeholders, etc. I'm very surprised that people have asked if they apply in other countries. Am I missing something?

David Meerman Scott


I think that many people use those questions about applicability as an excuse for sticking to all the offline things such as direct mail, advertising, and old-style media relations PR.


Smaller countries could benefit the most from your book. I am from St. Maarten (36 square mile island) and people are actively engaged in using blogs to discuss local politics and current events. The best example is www.sxmprivateeye.com. Although the island is half dutch and half french, everyone speaks English! So, I will be bringing a few copies of your book with me when I go home in June to share with my uncle who owns a marketing company on the island.

Liam Ovenden

Hi David,

As you know our company in Australia has implemented the ideas in the book lock stock and barrell and it's working like a charm.

So it's not just a North American thing - the world needs to know about it.

Oh - and thanks for your comment on 5 Secrets of Talent :)

David Meerman Scott

Thanks Liam. I love what you guys are doing!

Linas Simonis

I think the publisher of David's book must ask him to write a complementary book which contains only the examples of successful implementations of David's ideas.

It must be a very 2.0 book - containing only the stories of this blog readers which must be written by the readers themselves and David acting only as an editor...

David Meerman Scott

Linas, I am writing a book like that right now. Due out in March 2009 "World Wide Rave" will be just the sort of thing you describe!

Marie Daniels

I am in the marketing communications field and consult in online communication. I picked up this book because I currently have taken on a client who is unaccustomed to utilizing the tools of web 2.0 as a messaging channel and sound board. I wanted to hear some insight from not only marketers but organizations who have taken on the responsibility of this type of marketing communication. I wanted to understand the side of the uninformed organization so I could assist my new client stretch the boundaries of their traditional marketing/pr comfort zones. This book is a great resource in ANY language.

Thanks for putting it out there!

Karin McNair

You inspired us to create our very first e-book. I wanted to share this with you. It is a direct result of the information from The New Rules of Marketing & PR. And now our peers in EMEA and ASPAC can try their hand at Web 2.0. Thanks David!

Anna Marciniak

Hi David,
I've bought your book recently and I just wanted to say it's a great read! It's very inspiring and a must read for every PR and marketing professional. I'm sure it will be a great success in Poland, where web 2.0, new PR and marketing tools are catching on very quickly.
Thanks, David!

Jeff paul news

With global competition new rules for marketing and PR building have been used as source to activate market changes .

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