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April 28, 2008


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» Viral Marketing's New Rules from RichContent Guide to Universal Search
David Meerman Scott makes sense. He's one of those rare individuals who knows his industry inside out. He also works as s sort of glue to help keep it together. (This is my favorite example of how to Keep It Together): David has a new buzzword that was... [Read More]


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Mitch Joel - Twist Image

count me as being first in line to pre-order a copy.

I think your comments and insights are spot on. I even like the term "world wide rave" - one big party for those who want to come.

Sounds awesome :)

Melanie Notkin

Another David Meerman Scott book for me to swoon over and love twice? Count me in, David!


totally agree on what you wrote. it's still not good how people here in Singapore still perceive "viral" marketing. they think it's just a means to an end. public interest - something you can't generate artificially.

Mark Alan Effinger

David, this is why you continue to be The Man when it comes to "The New Rules of..."

Integrity. Clarity of thought.
Principle-based Marketing.

I get so frustrated when I read "The Splog Tactic of the Week" promoted by some schlock who has no interest in the long-term implications of his or her new spamming technique.

Makes we wanna' hurl.

I'm very interested in your new works.

In addition, I would like to add how doing "it" right also engages The New Search Model as Google, Yahoo! and friends employ Universal or Blended Search into results - far beyond the old standard of "page 1 position".

More on this when we speak.

Thanks for keepin' it real. Let's connect soon.

Sonja Jefferson

Yup, I'd definately buy that book. It sounds fantastic. I like the change in approach and terminology. Thinking about it, I have always struggled to separate 'viral' from invasive, harmful infections! Not exactly how I'd like my marketing efforts to be remembered. 'World wide rave' = marketing that generates wild enthusiasm. I'd be more than happy with that.

David Meerman Scott


Thank you all for your support. I feel like I am taking a leap here by distancing myself from "viral marketing" so I am really encouraged by these early comments.



I just finished New Rules for Marketing and PR. I have been in online retail since the 90s and read more books that I can count. This book opened my eyes to so many things that I have missed. The chapter on News Releases alone has convinced me to bring in a full time writer.

I cannot wait to get my hands on the next one!


Love this idea and hope to get better at using it. Again, enjoyed you on the DTM training call. Don't get freaked out that I not only friended you on FB but now I am following you on Twitter! I'm really a good guy.

Luke Faccini

Hey David, love the concept and naturally look forward to the book. Not 100% sold on the name yet, but I guess it will grow on me.

It could just be that my late teens were when Rave parties started :) and is what my first association with it is.


"... some dodgy agencies set up fake viral campaigns where people who are employed or in some way compensated by the agency create videos or blog posts purported to be from a customer. "

David. It's not just dodgy agencines. In my part of the world (Thailand) all the big agencies offer this openly as part of their marketing arsenal. I cannot see it being made a criminal offence here for a very long time though.

John P. Kreiss

This is another great post and quite applicable to our business of recruiting construction and real estate professionals.

Recruiting is marketing. Construction and Real Estate firms capable of creating a "buzz" and interest about their company will drive people to want to come to them.

Using the old rules with spamming or intrusive advertising, however, is not the way to get people interested.

John P. Kreiss
President & CEO
MorganSullivan, Inc.


Yep, i concur with everyone here - hurry up and get the book out!

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