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April 02, 2008


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Leonard Klaatu

An ambitious, bold move by a large company. But I'm not surprised. SAP clearly has some terrific sales/marketing people. Companies invest tons to convert to their system. I hear moaning and groaning every time it happens (with a supplier that I deal with), but companies still make the conversion - so they're doing something (perhaps many things) right. By the way, I'm enjoying your latest book!

Jeff Trubey

Great idea. Would love to hear what solution(s) they use to deliver this event (is it an online chat, video conferencing, collaboration/mindmapping tools, elearning-style solution, etc.)

I'd also like to know after the event if the solution they used was effective for all participants.

Keep up the great work!

Ian Alexander


Do you have any contacts for this meeting, the info on the web is terribly absent.



David Meerman Scott

Ian, David here (not Seth). This is a closed meeting for SAP marketing people.

Sasha T.

I'm listening a lecture at from from a guy who was running Marketing department at SAP Croatia and I must say that you can see what a modern look at marketing looks like.

I really enjoy when big companies have something new to offer.


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