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April 11, 2008


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» Skybus Bankrupt! Webbed Marketing Doing Great from buzz
Or David Meerman Scott and sex. At Webbed Marketing we look at every big news story as a chance to create buzz for our clients. In one paragraph the theory goes something like this: People are searching for content about [Read More]


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Ah, I can see the wheels turning in your head...so when should we expect the release of your "Good Viral Marketing, Good Sex" eBook? ;-)


your e-book about the viral marketing was attractive. it's the raison whose incite me to presnte this article in my presentation about the capacity of viral marketing to substitute other policy of traditionnel marketing.but i need, if it's possible, to send me a frensh version if you made it.

Sasha T.

With this kind of title and your blog authority you can expect some adult traffic. :)

I'm speaking from my personal experience a couple of days ago...

Sasha T.

Leonard Klaatu

I told my wife that we needed more sex so my shaving skills could be improved. She gave me five bucks and told me to have a barber do it. I told her I didn't think he'd have sex with me for only five bucks.

Dr. Gary Genard

An E-Book That's Refreshing, Important . . . and Fun to Read!

Dr. Helaine Smith's "Healthy Mouth, Healthy Sex!" is a surprise and a delight. You may not have considered how "taking care of your oral health can prolong your sexual health," but this Boston-area dentist might just turn your thinking around.

As authoritative as it is well-written (with terrific cartoon illustrations), "Healthy Mouth, Healthy Sex!" provides crucial information for lifelong oral and sexual health. Dr. Smith approaches this sensitive topic with tact, intelligence, and wit. It's one of the most interesting web-based guides I've read this year!

Gary Genard, Ph.D., President
Public Speaking International

David Meerman Scott

Leonard - Ha! great one!

Gary - Dr. Smith did a great job. Thanks for your comment. She'll appreciate that.


Lol--when I read the title of this post all my eyes saw was "oral sex." No comment about the shaving.;)

CS Thompson

Thanks David!

Most business people I know can't even imagine coming up with content for a good blog post let alone an entire ebook! Well, now they are without excuse, and I will remind them of that fact.


Here is someone who is the master of the headline:


Affiliate Promotion

Individuals or online companies can review products and give details about their firsthand experience. There seems to be growing number of consumers who rely on this personal information. More info at: http://www.affiliate-promotion.com


i agree

healthy sex for a better healthy life.

cpr renewal

Superb!That is true, your mouth is healthy so you get enjoy to sex.

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