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March 28, 2008


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Rick Weiss

A lot of PR professionals haven't even begun to "get" the social media space. Like you said, media relations and social media relations should be treated differently, because they're very different beasts.

I'm lucky enough to have been exposed to social media at school, and as I establish myself in the field you can be sure I'm not going to send you a canned pitch that you care nothing about.

Lou Covey

I think we need to have a differentiation between public relations and publicity. A publicist works to get mentions of clients in various media without much concern for where it shows up. A public relations professional builds a relationship with industry influencers to provide the latter with perspective in what they communicate to the audience.

Wendy Van Parys

Back in 9/07 you pointed readers to Mark Hinkle's How to Pitch a Blogger post, and later followed up with a post reminding PR folks to let the blogger know to which of his many hats the pitch was directed. Apollo moon artifacts blog? Squidoo lens?

BTW- for those readers who haven't heard you speak - David will turn your thinking around 180° - I heard him at a PRSA meeting, bought + read the book, put the tips to work and moved a client's organic Google ranking from non-existant to p1 on their most important keywords.

Scott Hepburn

Great post, David. Most of us are accustomed to thinking of spam as consumer-oriented commercial rubbish. How easily we forget those junk e-mails when we turn around and push out e-mail in our roles as PR pitchmen.

As anyone who has read your "New Rules of PR" eBook can attest, press releases find amazing life online. I suspect some of us become spoiled -- and lazy -- when we see how easy and effective an eRelease can be. It's no surprise some of us lapse into expecting the same great results when we spam bloggers.


Great read! Thanks for sharing the knowledge. I'm new in this line and am always learning and hopefully improving. Will sure be back here for more useful knowledge and posts.

Ken Kadet

I hate to tell you this, but that list of all the things you do is just going to get you more spam, not less. :-)

As a PR pro, I agree with what you're saying -- it's really no different than what the journalists have been saying for years, despite the fact that it's their job: read what I write, send me interesting things, don't call me, don't bug me, don't tell me what to write -- if I'm interested, I'll call you.

Unfortunately, the number of blogs out there exacerbates the problem. Just when the best agencies stopped making inexperienced kids make ignorant pitches to massive media lists, the blogs come along and make the experienced media relations folks think the kids know all the secrets of social media ... so they send the kids after the bloggers.

On the other hand, as you note, there *are* things you want to find out about ... so every so often, unfortunately, even a ham-handed pitch is going to work...

Yifei Zhang

Hey David,

You might be interested to hear about a girl's Facebook group that spread to 600,000+ people in little more than a week - and is still growing. The girl's name is Monica Rockle, and there's growing debate about whether or not her "marketing project" was actually an experiment by an advertiser.


In unrelated news, thanks for the fantastic presentation at the BU PRSSA conference today! I really appreciated your input on my Digg.com fundraiser/Seth Godin internship application. I'll definitely let you know how it goes. Thanks again,


David Koopmans

Hi David,
Since I reviewed your book http://tinyurl.com/22eu87, I get requests from PR people fairly regularly to review their authors' books.
1 - I want to hear from the author, not their PR person
2 - When I write back that I'm happy to do that, but that I will write exactly what I think of the book, they don't return my email. Interesting, no?
BTW, I enjoyed your podcast interview with Jon Hoel from PR Junction.

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