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March 31, 2008


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» Bloomberg/Gore is Still My Dream Team, and Hey, It Could Happen from B.L. Ochman's weblog: Internet marketing strategy, social media trends, news and commentary.
By B.L. Ochman Like I said in July 2006, I'm for a Bloomberg/Gore ticket in the 2008 election. Speculation is popping up in the media that it could still happen. Bloomberg and Gore both deny it. I don't believe them. Having volunteered in the Draft Blo... [Read More]


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B.L Ochman

You are so right about Gore understanding the Internet and community building. None of the current candidates understand it.
The best videos about Obama are made by The Black Eyed Peas, and Clinton's online effort is very web 1.0 with some new bells and whistles thrown in.

An Independent team, like Bloomberg/Gore, could enter the race, bypassing the primaries and all the delegate brouhaha up to 90 days before the election.

And with the kind of Internet marketing Gore's produced to date, they could win too. That's what gives me hope in this election. I wrote a post about the marketing of the candidates last night http://tinyurl.com/2cvuc8

Tim Dempsey

David: I'm not aligned with Gore on many subjects, but I was watching this segment with my much better half and we both had to admit he'd really "parked it" [yes it is baseball season] with this transition from defeated politico (however justly / unjustly) to evangelist. Good catch.


energy independence is much more important than global warming. when the US is energy independent there will be no more oil wars and the terrorists will all be poor and unable to reach us. This will save lives AND energy. The global warming crowd can't claim this. They can claim that they will damage and perhaps destroy capitalism which is their true aim. I for one am not done using capitalism. So I want to keep it. True believers in global warm are free to starve and freeze to death next winter. Think of all the energy you will save!

Pegg M. Jordan

Excellent analysis, David, and thanks for the cool-headed look at an excellent PR campaign. But, how amazing and disheartening that you needed to put that disclaimer at the beginning of this post. The inexplicably venomous reaction to any mention of Al Gore or global warming is a classic example of the old "kill the messenger" approach. Gore and co. nailed it perfectly in the title: "An Inconvenient Truth."

David Meerman Scott

Hi Pegg

I learned by experience. This is a marketing and PR blog, but sometimes I comment on the marketing and PR aspects of political campaigns. Inevitably, even when I put the disclaimer, I get really aggressive comments.

Take care,

Phil Myers


Great analysis! Same political disclaimer to start, now my add-on point. Gore is more than a successful PR agent, he's tuned in. He's found a problem that affects people we care about (future generations), he's quantified the impact and inidirectly, he is beginning to foster new experiences that the green movement is captilizing on. The PR engine on the back completes the picture but without the foundation, it would have been what it was 10 years ago ... Al's nutty ramblings about the environment.

Paramjit L. Mahli

Mr. Gore is on message and is successfully leveraging various media to reach different audiences. David,you are absolutely right, this is very good case study for public relations folks.

Tony Zambito


It's great that you had the inspiration after watching Al Gore to show how he is effectively following the new rules of marketing. Of particular interest to me was your highlight of how Al Gore really gets and understands his "buyer personas". Having actually met him once in person, I can tell you he knows how to treat each person attentively. I've seen such a transformation in Al Gore as one who has learned to connect emotionally with each community he speaks to. Now, is there anyway we can get him to jump into the Presidential race? Wouldn't that be exciting since he now is more prepared than he ever has been in terms of connecting with voters.

Donna St. Jean Conti

David, I agree with your analysis as well. Gore is remarkable in his public relations and marketing communications acumen—someone from whom we can all learn. I have been reading and recommend another, less known book by Gore. It’s called The Assault on Reason, and you need only read his introduction to see how just how completely he understands the impact that media messaging has on what he calls “the public sphere.” Among other points made, Gore makes a case for the Internet being a great hope for saving US democracy as it was intended to be. Check it out.

John Mallen

I have to echo the preceding comments. David, this is an inspirational way to approach blogging itself - - in effect, a case study from another's (Gore's) activities. And the analysis is excellent too!

Lyn Rafe-Lawyer

For Al Gore

Dear Mr. Gore you have the clout and knowledge to thoroughly investigate the dangerous chemical trails emmitted over our planet's atmosphere by the United States government and military agents. Go to Google where you will fins reams of information about this inisdious matter.

Thank you for your incredible concern for our world.


Lyn Rafe-Lawyer

Brian Fick

June 29, 2008

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Brian M. Fick

Earth Activist

As a PR agent for earth Al Gore has indeed been an incredible force but one has to be wary of his message as a form of greenwashing when you consider his weak stance on key issues. I think he talks more than he does but someone has got to say something right?

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